Best College Goalie Mask Paintjobs 2017/18


The 2017/2018 college hockey season is almost upon us, and masks are starting to drop like flies.

This list is ordered not from first to last, but rather whenever the article is updated. If you know of a college goalie mask paintjob (either mens or womens) that you think needs to be on this list, get a hold of us. The best contact method is still Instagram.

Here are some of (what we think) are the best college hockey goalie masks in 2017 / 2018.

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions, Chris Funkey

The winter toque is a classic goalie mask paintjob, one that I absolutely love. However, what do you paint below the winter cap?

Head Strong Grafx, the painter behind this mask, absolutely nailed the portion under the winter toque. When the paint gets wet, it completely transforms to a chilly winter day.

2. Minnesota State Mankato, Connor Lacouvee

Believe it or not, this was one of the first Division 1 (official D1) masks painted by the guys @grangrothgraphics. A classic college goalie mask that is exploding with school spirit, this is one of those mask paintjobs that makes total sense from a distance. It’s painted in such a way that it would go with any setup Connor choses to go with, whether it be white, white /purple, or all purple. Within striking distance, this mask is incredibly detailed, offering a ton of highlight work. It’s not easy to paint a mask with that much detail, it’s something we see quite often in a DaveArt mask and I am a big fan of the work here.

The Connor McGregor quote on the back is A+. Lacouvee transfered to MSU from Boston University, where the only goaltender taken in the first round, Jake Oettinger is currently playing.

*editors note: the Grangroth Graphics painters are an under 25 painting team out of Delano, Minnesota. For a mask paint job you can afford, but with professional level quality, check them out. This is an unsolicited comment from us, however with the quality of their work time and time again we feel compelled to mention this.