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Warm Up Goalie Drills


From the moment you step on the ice, the clock is ticking. Practice will be over, the game will be over, and just like that you’re off the ice.

If you’re anything like I am, you’re making the most of your ice time–all of it. So, naturally you’ve got to have set of goalie warm up drills you can refer to.

These drills are all fairly easy to complete, though you may have to work slowly in to it. It’s important to get your body ready for practice so by the time it starts you’re not wasting the first 10 minutes on warm ups.

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Body Control + Edge Work Drill from MEGA Goaltending


This is a relatively self explanatory skating drill that really applies any time you’re on the ice. If you watch any NHL game you’ll notice that the goaltenders have a nice, sound upper body. They’re controlled with the motions they take, because it’s more efficient and gives them a better position on the ice.

There are a ton of variations you can do on this one, but as you can see here it’s pretty simple: t-push, shuffle, release into the butterfly.

One thing that you’ll notice as you become more proficient with this is your release into the butterfly. You’ll often hear this referred to as the “lateral release”, which simply means you’re releasing into the butterfly as you end your lateral movement.

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Legs Feed the Wolf: by @seanmurrayvanpfgs

Now, this drill isn’t much. You’re in the butterfly attempting to push in a straight line.

However, for younger goalies, or as a burner at the end of practice, this is a phenomenal drill. This drill teaches younger, less experienced goalies how to gain an edge quickly while they’re down in the crease playing a rebound or working on a recovery.

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Warm Up Edge Work Drill by @revansh_hockey



Watch an NHL game, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll see both goalies warming up doing something like this. This is just a classic drill to work on controlling your upper body while you slowly ease your legs/hips in to the day.

A lot of goalies are going to display a tendency to let their stick go out of control here, or their head/eyes do not move in sync with their body. When you’re coaching your younger goalies, work on one thing at a time. Fix an issue, move to the next. Don’t attempt to fix everything in one practice alone.

RVH and Post Integration Warm Up: by @coachliddell


The goalie in this drill, Aiden McCarthy makes this look incredibly easy. I can promise you, it takes hours and hours of practice to hammer this down to a T. And there will still be things to work on.

Your major key with this drill will be your recovery out of the RVH and how well you can seamlessly integrate your toe with the post. It may not seem like much, but the ability to seal off the post in a split second while in this position will allow you to become much more creative with how you use the RVH. For those of you looking for more in depth RVH drills, visit that page on our site.