Lateral Release Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

This is a super simply lateral release drill for goalies of any age. A lot of folks like to bash the term “lateral release”, assuming it’s a buzzword used by goalie coaches. It’s not just a buzzword. The lateral release is a skating technique used by elite goaltenders at every level to simply NOT overslide […]

Quick Feet Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

Goalies need to practice constantly, or they face the possibility of falling behind their competition. I like this as a quick feet drill with a handful of different variations. I like this drill as a warmup or at the end of practice when the legs are gassed and the ice is shredded. Join our Drills […]

Lefevre Pads Sliding Capability [VIDEO]

The new Lefevre pads have been making a huge splash in the market recently, here’s an up close clip of how they utilize a minimal foot strapping system to allow more integration with the ice from skate blade to contact. Very innovative, more manufacturers are likely to follow suit. Join our Drills Vault and Get […]

Mindset in Times Like These

There is so much opportunity today. I woke up this morning with an unbelievable amount of excitement. I woke up knowing that I can control how I approach today, tomorrow, the week, and rest of the year. You woke up this morning with the opportunity to change how you spend the rest of your life. […]

Puck Handling Drills Along Boards [VIDEO]

We’re big fans of using down time or breaks between drills as an opportunity to work on puck handling skills. Integrating the boards into your drill is an awesome practice to get into simply because you’re taking a boring drill and making it “game scenario” style. I love that about this drill. You can literally […]

Demonstrating Movement + Body Control [VIDEO]

This clip is just demonstrating some high end movement and body control skills. One of the things that a ton of goalies forget and overlook is learning to move with complete control of your body. This is Mackenzie Blackwood, goaltender for the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. Join our Drills Vault and Get Access […]

These Are The Best Goalie Skates Money Can Buy

An image displaying three of the top pairs of goalie skates on the market

Goalie Skates. Besides your helmet, we argue that the goalie skates you chose are the single most important piece of equipment you’ll ever buy. If you can’t skate, you’ll have a tough time getting in front of pucks. If you have a tough time getting in front of pucks, your odds of making the save […]

The Best Youth Goalie Sticks For The Money

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how to choose the best youth goalie sticks for your young goalie. Youth goalie equipment is one of the hardest things for new goalie parents to choose, so our goal with these guides is to make the process as painless and simple as possible. We’ll […]

The Best Youth Goalie Pads For Any Budget

This photo displays some of the highest performing youth goalie pads for this year.

So you’ve got a new goalie, hey? Exciting! Buying new gear for a youth goalie is one of the most exciting parts of their playing career. Ask any professional goalie, the chances they remember exactly which pads they wore as a kid are very high. Youth goalie pads have never been more affordable and getting […]

These are the Best Hockey Goalie Gloves Money Can Buy

For a hockey goalie, the glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll buy. There’s a number of things to consider before buying a new goalie glove, and we’ll take you through all of them. These are the best goalie gloves, or should we say, best hockey goalie gloves on the market […]

Best Goalie Sticks

The goalie stick market has been one of the most disrupted in recent years. NHL goalies quit using wood sticks over a decade ago, while amateur goalies have been slower to adopt composite and foam core goalie sticks. Just 5 years ago, foam core sticks were some of the best goalie sticks on the market. […]

Warrior G5 Goalie Pad Review + Everything We Know

Honestly, it can be hard to keep up with Warrior Goalie from time to time. They released a new helmet this spring, a new stick, and now the Warrior G5 goalie pads.  When is the Warrior Ritual G5 Release date? The pads are currently available. They released in the Spring of 2020, you can custom […]

Warrior Goalie R F1 Goalie Helmet Review + Everything We Know

Warrior Goalie is entering the goalie helmet market with the Warrior Ritual RF1. They’ve been on fire lately, with the release of the Warrior G5 goalie pad line. Warrior also released the RM1 Pro+ goalie stick. They’ve been dropping product after product this spring, it’s hard to keep up at times. This Warrior RF1 goalie […]

Vaughn V9 Review + Everything We Know

The Vaughn V9 pad is officially here. Here’s what we know. It’s that time of year. The gear companies are starting to release their new lines. Last year’s gear is no longer the best goalie gear on the market. Vaughn is coming out with the V9 lineup, an innovative pad that should push them up […]

Choosing The Right Goalie Pads for Beginners

Are you a first time hockey goalie? A parent of a youth goalie? Chances are, you don’t need to go out and buy the most expensive goalie pads on the market. You can get away with a great set of gear without breaking the bank. Another advantage to buying goalie pads designed for beginners is […]

Goalie Skating Drill with 4 Pucks [VIDEO]

There are literally endless opportunities for different patterns with a drill like this. One of the things I’d like to point out, however, is not how many times you can mix up these pucks, but how heavily you can commit to maintaining perfect form in a drill like this. Often times with young goalies, we’ll […]

Custom Goalie Pads

We get this question almost every day, what design should I put on my custom goalie pads? So, we thought it would be perfect if we created a custom goalie gear page just for those of you who want ideas on how to design your goalie pads.  

Sergei Bobrovsky Pads

Sergei Bobrovsky has been a polarizing goalie in the NHL in recent years. From his time with the Avalanche to a stint with Columbus and then finally with the Panthers, “Bob” as they affectionately call him, is well known both for his on ice play and his gear. As a self proclaimed gear nerd.. we […]

Marc Andre Fleury Pads

Photo shows Marc Andre Fleury in his new Minnesota Wild Pads

Marc Andre Fleury has been one of the top goaltenders in the NHL for some time. He’s one of my personal favorites to watch, so it’s no doubt that fans everywhere want more intel on the gear he’s wearing. We will update this article every time Marc Andre Fleury switches gear, so check back as […]

Goalie Screen Drill with 2nd Shot [VIDEO]

There are a million ways to work on screens. This is a very basic version of a screen drill where the goalies goal is to try tracking a puck through traffic. I love traffic drills because they’re as close to a game scenario as you’ll ever get. This one shouldn’t teach the goalie to give […]

Poke Check + Puck Stopping Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

I LOVE drills that accomplish two things. 1- involve both goalies. 2- active recovery drills. For the bystander, this drill looks basic. It’s just a couple youth goalies working on skating, poke checking, and stopping the puck. In reality, this is a drill that makes sense for a lot of goalies at just about every […]

Edgework Pattern Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

We HAVE to recognize this coach for this video. If he does this without kneepads, what a warrior. Wow. Second, he’s making a pretty hard drill look very easy. Drills like this, while not necessarily game scenario like, are great for working on your edges and building an elite foundation that every goalie needs to […]

Obstacle Course Stickhandling Goalie Drill [VIDEO]

This is a pretty simple stickhandling drill that our demo goalie makes look incredibly easy. That’s because Matt Valtala is a pro in the Kings organization. Despite the fact that he’s a pro, it’s never too late to work on your stickhandling as a goalie. Make sure you’re setting aside time at each practice to […]

3 Puck Skating + Shot Goalie Drill [VIDEO]

First off, these guys are awesome. For a young goalie, I love his speed and overall control. We’re working on a couple of different things here, most notably a big change in direction. When the goalie is working his or her way through this drill, make sure they’re paying attention to their back (trailing) leg. […]

Colored Puck Goalie Drill [VIDEO]

In this drill, we’re working on tracking with colored pucks. The goalie calls out the color when the see it. We want to make sure that as goalies, we are always working towards identifying pucks right off the release point, just as batters in baseball try to track the ball out of the pitchers hand. […]

Goalie Drill [Getting Shoulders Square]

This is a basic drill where the goaltender is working on getting his or her shoulders square. There are multiple variations of this drill that can be added down the road, however it’s important to make sure the goaltender knows what they’re working on right off the bat. Join our Drills Vault and Get Access […]

Back Door Goalie Drill [Video]

In this clip, we’re working on back door saves and recoveries. Get Access to every single one of our Goalie Drills + our Drills APP -> here.   View this post on Instagram   ?: @seanmurrayvanpfgs — clip from this summer with @sean.bones two back door scenarios and two dead angles. Clipped this one weird […]

Christmas Gifts for Goalies

How To Buy Christmas Gifts for Goalies First off, let’s be perfectly clear. This list of Christmas presents for goalies isn’t just for use during the Holiday season. If you’ve got a goalie in your life, I can personally assure you there are items here that they’ll want. You can use the information assembled to […]

Best Goalie Pads for 2023

best hockey goalie pads

The past two years featured more goalie pads news than any in the past decade. From Lefevre breaking ties with CCM to Bauer and Warrior again breaking the goalie pad market, if you’re between the pipes there has never been a better time to buy new goalie pads. There are quite a few new lines […]

Best Goalie Masks (for protection)

Searching for a new goalie mask? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Goalie Coaches has put together a best goalie mask buyers guide for 2022. This guide is designed to help you find the best goalie mask (for the money and the protection) this year. There is no piece of equipment as […]

Mike Smith’s Edmonton Oilers CCM P2 Gear

For the 2019/2020 season Mike Smith is debuting a rocking set of Oilers colored CCM P2 pads. The gear is unbelievable in it’s simple yet bold and striking color scheme. It’s certainly one of the early favorites for set of the year. Buy CCM P2 Gear from Pure Hockey    View this post on Instagram […]

The All Hockey Hair Team: Every Video

The All Hockey Hair Team from the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is one of the greatest hockey traditions there is. In 2019, it was announced that the All Hockey Hair Team tradition would be no longer. We decided to put every hockey hair team video in one place, in chronological order. Check it […]

Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Pads Review: Everything We Know

An in depth look at Warrior Ritual GT2 Goalie Pads. Warrior’s latest line of goalie pads, the Warrior Ritual GT2 is available for purchase. The pads released in the Spring of 2019 with both the GT2 Pro and the GT2 Senior lines available. We’re going to be taking the new GT2 line through the paces […]

21 Hand Eye Coordination Drills for Goalies (Or Any Athletes)

Hand eye coordination. It’s one of the biggest things any athlete can do to get better on or off the field. Do all athletes need hand eye coordination? Every athlete, minus maybe runners, needs to develop their hand eye coordination. Whether you’re catching pucks on the ice or framing softballs as a catcher on the […]

Who Will The Gophers Hockey Have At Goalie Next Season?

With the graduation of senior goaltenders Eric Schierhorn / Brock Kautz and Mat Robson signing with the Wild, the Gophers are in search of a goaltender. Luckily for Gophers fans, the 2019 class is a strong one. The Gophers welcome in two NHL draft pick goaltenders in Jack LaFontaine (will be a Junior with one […]

Gophers Goalie Mat Robson Signs with Wild

Former Minnesota Golden Gophers goaltender Mat Robson has signed a two year, entry level contract with the Minnesota Wild. Robson arrived in the Twin Cities fresh out of the BCHL for the 2017/2018 season. Robson took over near the end of that season and went on to start 31 games during the 2018 / 2019 […]

Collin Delia’s 2019 Chicago Blackhawks Mask

It’s been awhile since we’ve written a mask feature on our website, but with our recent top goalie masks article, we’re planning on releasing more and more soon. Collin Delia is one of our favorite up and coming goalies in the AHL / NHL. While still in college at Merrimack, he was gracious enough to […]

Goalie Yoga: The Complete Guide

Yoga for goalies. Yoga is one of the most effective ways for a hockey goalie to take care of their body off the ice. Plenty of NHL goalies are using yoga as an integral part of their off season (and in season) training! How to do yoga for goalies The best part about doing yoga […]

Hand Eye Coordination Goalie Drill

This is a great hand eye goalie drill made famous by our friends at True Focus Vision in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In the video below, reshared from Goalies Inc Jim, you can see the goalie coach behind the net tossing a ball at a slanted surface in front of the goalie. This is […]

2 Shot RVH Transition Drill

This is a two shot drill that forces goalies to move both laterally across the top of their crease, as well as from post to post in the RVH (reverse vertical horizontal) position. As with any drill, this drill can have a multitude of variations. If you’re looking for more drills like this that we […]

Andrei Vasilevskiy’s New Bauer 2X Gear

It’s happening. Juusi Saros switches to all yellow gear. Then, Casey DeSmith. Andrei Vasilevskiy was spotted wearing a dark blue set of Bauer’s new 2X line. Vasilevskiy went from a white based Bauer 2X set pictured below.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Andrei Vasilevskiy (@andreivasilevskiy88) on Jan 27, 2019 […]

Advanced RVH Drill for Goalies

This is an advanced RVH drill designed to working on hinges and recoveries. Want monthly drills, the same stuff we use with our pros? Sign up for “All Access“. Subscribe to Goalie Coaches on Youtube.

Craig Andersons New GNETIK IV Pads

Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson updated his 2018 / 2019 gear setup to the stock graphic offered by Brian’s on their new GNETIK IV line. His latest gear design is posted below. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Goalie Gear Nerd (@goaliegearnerd) on Feb 5, 2019 at 9:14am PST Earlier this season, […]

Devan Dubnyk’s 2018 / 2019 Minnesota Wild Gear

Devan Dubnyk wears Bauer 2S pads. Each year, he has continued to upgrade his gear with the latest that Bauer’s digital printing has to offer and this season is no different. Dubnyk has traditionally debuted a few different sets of gear throughout the season. It seems that he introduces a second set of gear halfway […]

Devan Dubnyk’s 2018 / 2019 Minnesota Wild Mask

New for the 2018 – 2019 NHL season, Devan Dubnyk is debuting a couple of masks. Devan Dubnyk wears a Bauer NME VTX mask, typically painted by DaveART. Dubnyk’s masks, in recent years, have featured a matte finish. The matte finish has been popular among goalies around the world and the painters themselves. One of […]

Devan Dubnyk 2019 All Star Game Gear

Devan Dubnyk, goalie for the Minnesota Wild, represented the Minnesota Wild at the 2019 NHL All Star Game. The 2019 All Star Game was a bit different than previous years, this year the teams wore black and white jerseys across the board. While I wish Dubnyk would’ve had time to break in a custom set […]

Best Youth Goalie Masks (for the protection)

Have a youth goalie? Whether your goalie is just getting started, or maybe a bit more experienced (but not yet ready for a pro level goalie mask) Maybe you’re a first time goalie parent. Maybe you’re a veteran goalie parent. Regardless of where you’re at in this journey,  you want the best youth goalie mask […]

Goalie Mask Painting Ideas

Hockey goalie mask designs are some of the most creative pieces of artwork on the planet. From designs that appear simple, yet reveal detail like you wouldn’t believe up close; to mask paintjobs that are intricate through and through. Goalie helmets give the person wearing them a chance to display things about themselves that no […]

The 29 Best Goalie Masks of All Time

The best NHL goalie masks of all time. That’s quite a reach, coming up with the best masks, ever. Each year, goalie mask painters raise the bar for paint jobs. On top of this, everybody has their own opinion of who has the best mask for that specific season. Finding the top of all time, […]

Vaughn SLR 2 Goalie Gear Review + Everything We Know

For the 2019 season, Vaughn is releasing a new line they’re calling the Vaughn SLR 2. The SLR 2 line comes after the Vaughn VE8 release, last season. The VE8 line from Vaughn drew quite a bit of press, so it’ll be interesting to see if the SLR 2 does the same. Vaughn has traditionally […]

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick Review + Release

Last year, just about this time, Warrior broke the goalie internet with the release of their Warrior Ritual CR1 goalie stick. This time, it’s the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro (we think). Nobody has actually confirmed the name, but in a few posts from our friend The Goalie Gear Nerd, you can clearly see the branding […]

RVH Hinge and Recovery Drill for Goalies: Bauer Development Series

In this weeks edition of the Bauer Development Series, we’re working on an RVH hinge and recovery drill, with an entry back into the RVH and active stick use at the end. This is a challenging drill for higher level goalies who need to work on learning to regain their feet for behind the net […]

Mike Smiths Mike Vernon Calgary Flames Tribute Mask

Mike Smith has officially broken the goalie internet with his latest goalie mask for the 2018 / 19 NHL season. Smith had his mask painter, David Arrigo, whip up the ultimate tribute mask. His mask, a Vaughn Pro’s Choice, is painted exactly like Mike Vernon’s classic Red Cooper mask (complete with faux Flames sticker) from […]

Bauer 960 XPM Goalie Mask Review

First things first, are the Bauer 960 and 961 goalie masks the same thing?  Yes, they are. The only difference between the Bauer 960 and the 961 model is the non certified cat eye cage that comes on the 961. So, if you go to buy a 961 on say, Pure Goalie, for example — […]

Pekka Rinne’s Goalie Helmet for the 2018 2019 Season

Pekka Rinne is one of the most polarizing goaltenders on the planet, not named Henrik Lundqvist. Rinne did, after all, win the Vezina Trophy during the 2017 / 2018 NHL season. Pekka has been a stalwart for the Nashville Predators since entering the league with them and he’s looking to carry the torch again this […]

Garret Sparks Goalie Gear Worn Throughout His Career

Garret Sparks is one of the most polarizing figures in the goalie gear space, period. Up until the 2018 / 2019 NHL season, Sparks hasn’t even been on an active NHL roster for the entire season and he continues to wow with his eye for design. For your enjoyment, throughout his career, we’re going to […]

Best NHL Goalie Mask Designs 2018 – 2019 Season

What’s better, an awesome looking set of goalie pads or a well designed mask? How about both? As we continue to move forward in the age of digital printing on goalie pads, more and more NHL goalies are debuting unique goalie gear. In this guide, we’ll look at every goalie mask design in 2018/2019. We’ll […]

Bauer Vapor 2X Chest Protector Review + Everything We Know

It’s the best time of year to be a goalie. Well, best for your dreams, worst for your pocket book. It’s the “new gear” time of year, when we get to start previewing everything to come for the new season. Bauer has been making waves with their 2X line, and the goalie chest protector is […]