A Facebook Group for Goalies: Goalie Coaches + Goalie Training

Get ONE drill each week (free, over 12k other goalies have joined) ☝️☝️☝️

If you’re not familiar with the Goalie Coaches community, we’re a company driven to help goaltenders with or without access to a coach throughout the world.

A Facebook Group for Goalies, Goalie Parents and Goalie Coaches

We’ve built a Facebook group for goalie parents, goalie coaches, and goalies that will help continue to bring us together.

It’s our hope that you will join the group to learn from other coaches and get video ideas for practice.

Why the Goalie Coaches Facebook group?

  • We’ve got coaches from every corner of the world inside the group
  • It’s a strict, no bullying or bashing group. There are zero strikes for anything borderline cyber bullying.
  • There are certain, more advanced videos we only post here (and not on our Instagram).
  • There is no gear buy and sell, it’s just goalie training videos and advice
  • It’s fun, you’ll learn something!

At the time of this writing, we’ve got several thousand already inside the group, we hope you’ll consider joining as well. Even if you’re not planning on contributing, we’d love to have you around.

Join our Facebook Group for Goalies, Goalie Parents and Goalie Coaches >>

How can my goalie get more personalized, 1 on 1 training and advice?

Designed specifically for this reason, we’ve created a monthly subscription training program for goalies around the world.

Goalies who subscribe to All Access: Total Goalie Training will be granted access to our Private, Members only Facebook Group “1 on 1 Goalie Coach”.

Inside this group, goalies and their parents can post video clips asking for advice, practice clips, or simply ask training related questions. You’ll have 1 on 1 direct access to our Director of Goalie Development, Rob Liddell as well as Tyler at Goalie Coaches.

If you’re not a member of All Access: Total Goalie Training, you can join this program here. 


Join our 10 Day Off Ice Challenge (FREE) 

We put together a 10 day off ice training program that’s gotten over 700 “dude, that was HARD” comments (literally) … free. 👇👇

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