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Guardian Anchor Pegs

$260.00 $200.00

Guardian Anchor Pegs are molded as one complete peg that protects a goalies skate blades and anchors the entire net to the ice. The screws are fully adjustable from 1/4″ to 3/4″ (and they're removable). These pegs are built to last and last they do. Used at every level of professional hockey.

  • 2 pegs per pack (enough for one net)
  • $20 flat rate shipping


Guardian Anchor Pegs are the goalie net peg if you’re after a premier product. These pegs are “absolute tanks” in goalie speak.

The screws are fully adjustable and when anchored in the ice simply will not move. Each peg is molded to perfectly accept a standard net and the protective wrap is designed to take years of use (to this day I have not heard of a worn out Guardian Peg).

Worth every penny, if you’re serious about training goalies or protecting your edges look no further than the Guardian Anchor Peg.

If you’re looking for their other product without the net protective wraps, try the “Game Ready Adjustable Pegs“.

Here’s a demo video of the Guardian Anchor Pegs


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