What’s The Best Goalie Skate for 2018?

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While the best goalie skate is a highly objective line, with our daily snapchat takeovers and Instagram Stories we’ve nailed down some of the most popular goalie skates in 2018.

What’s the best goalie skate in 2018?

Prior to this article, based on the skates we’ve seen goalies wearing in 2018, our list would’ve looked like this.

  1. True (VH)
  2. Bauer 2S
  3. Bauer Vapor 1X
  4. CCM Super Tacks

We did a poll on Instagram, similar to a playoff bracket, but comparing the best goalie skates on the market.

In the first poll, we had the Bauer 2S skates up against the Bauer Vapor 1X skates. In the second, we had True VH going up against the CCM Tacks goalie skates.

The results? See for yourself below.

Bauer 2S = 2,696 votes. Bauer Vapor 1X = 2,114 votes. The Bauer 2S wins the first poll.

True VH =3,201 votes. CCM Tacks = 1,698 votes. The True VH wins the second poll.


So, voters have now taken the Bauer 2S goalie skate and the True VH goalie skate as the top two. In all fairness, we could’ve presented the polls a bit differently, however, based on what we have seen throughout the year, the Bauer 2S and True VH skates are the most popular on the market by far.

Bauer 2S Goalie Skate vs True VH Goalie Skate

For all the marbles, which of these two skates is better than the other? Here’s the big advantage True VH offers over the Bauer 2S. The True VH skate is a custom built skate designed specifically for the athletes foot, while the Bauer 2S is a stock skate that anybody can buy.

Final results?ย 

After the poll was left up for 24 hours, the Bauer 2S goalie skate wins. Does that make it the best goalie skate this year?

Bauer 2S = 2,354 votes

True VH = 2,118 votes.

Which goalie skates should I buy?

At the end of the day, you should look at your foot. Changing goalie skates can be incredibly difficult and time consuming to break in. If you’ve used Reebok / CCM skates your entire life, there’s probably a reason you haven’t switched yet. Stick with a brand that makes your foot feel good, because the grass isn’t always greener.

Seriously. There are plenty of goalies in the NHL that do not wear the latest and greatest skate on the market and there’s a reason for it!

The bottom line in choosing the best goalie skate isn’t about what others think, or what the market is doing. It’s about finding a skate so comfortable you do not notice it’s there. No skate is light enough to be worth more than a painful experience, I think we can all agree on that.

Buy the Bauer 2S Goalie Skate.

Buy the True VH Goalie Skate.


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