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When it comes to finding a goalie coach, the process can go one of two ways. Really simple, or very challenging. We wanted to create a directory of goalie coaches that would help make your process just a bit easier. No, we do not charge for this directory. To be listed here, goalie coaches simply have to "give back" in some way shape or form to the goaltending community. This could be giving away a free training session or camp slot, or donating something else to a goaltender along the way. Regardless of what a coach or school does to give back, we make sure that they do in fact follow through on their promise--in turn giving back to you, the goaltender or parent. If you feel like we may be missing a coach somewhere, please direct them to this page so they can apply to be listed. To find goalie coaches by state, select your state from the list below.

We've compiled the ultimate list of goalie coaches, from across North America all the way to Europe. Enjoy.