Hockey Goalies

The hockey goalie world is confusing. From not knowing which gear really is the best, to finding the best goalie camps, the quest to become an elite goalie never really ends. We created a single resource page for goalies. From on ice training, to off ice training, to gear reviews, goalie drills, and concepts, if you need to know it and it involves a goalie, we’ve talked about it. 

Who exactly are these Goalie Coaches guys, anyways? We’re a team of coaches, who coach goalies (say it 10 times fast) across the world that focuses on just one thing: train the best goalies on the planet. Yes, that does include you. It’s our core belief that you can become not only an elite goalie, but an elite person, by putting in the time to develop both on and off the ice. 

We hope you’ll consider training with us. 

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