Puck Tracking Drills for Goalies

Improving puck tracking is one of the single most important skills a goalie can work on. 

What does tracking the puck mean in goaltending?

Puck tracking is simply the goalies ability to watch the puck throughout a play. When it’s said that a goalie “tracks the puck well”, it means that they watch the puck into their body for a save well. 

How Goalies Can Improve Their Puck Tracking Ability

Puck tracking ability is a critical skill for goalies of every level of play. The best goalies at the games highest level watch the puck extremely well. They see shots from the time it leaves a players stick until the time they make a save. 

Learn to track the puck effectively and you will drastically improve your ability to make saves and control rebounds, leading to less goals and scoring opportunities for the opposing team.