Evaluating The Best Youth Goalie Knee Guards

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If you’re here looking at getting your son or daughter a set of youth knee guards, I applaud you.

Not only should beginner goalies learn to wear knee guards, there are many advantages of starting them off at a young age. By far the biggest benefit, however, of youth goalies in knee guards, is that they’ll learn how to play with them at a high level.

In this guide, we’re talking specifically about youth goalie knee guards. If you’re looking for the best knee guards for advanced goalies, check out our article talking about pro level options.

Which brings me to my next point.

Will junior goalie knee guards work for adult goalies?

Due to the quality of the material used in youth and junior level knee guards, manufacturers do not recommend their use at any other level than that of a beginner goalie.

These are the best youth goalie knee guards for your son or daughter this season. 

  • Vaughn Velocity V9 (Most Protective)

Vaughn Velocity V9 (Intermediate)

Vaughn Velocity V9 Knee Guards (Intermediate)

Ideally, these knee guards would be worn by a goalie with a little experience. They're not the least intrusive option, but they are the most protective and best bang for your buck outside of Warrior.

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Bauer GSX Knee Guards (Youth)