Puck Handling Drills for Goalies

It’s very easy to look past puck handling drills for goalies. That is, until, we mis handle a puck and it results in a big goal.

The bottom line is, elite goalies are also elite at stick handling and playing the puck. In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the most effective stick handling drills for goalies.

Drills To Help Goalies Get Better At Puck Handling

Handling the puck isn’t easy. Add on a full set of goalie gear, and you’ve got a scenario that’s even harder. Now, thrown in a couple forwards buzzing down the boards.. you can see why it’s a stressful situation for goalies.

That scenario said, however, playing the puck is actually easy to do once you’ve gained the confidence with it. As far as we’re concerned, any goalie is eligible to play the puck as long as they’ve got the confidence to do it!

So, keep that in mind with these drills. Don’t throw everything at your goalie at once. Give them drills they can slowly build their confidence with. Eventually, you’ll be playing the puck like Carey Price.

In today’s game that seems to get faster and faster every day, learning to play the puck efficiently and effectively is of the utmost importance.