The Best Youth Goalie Sticks For The Money

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A goalies stick is a vital piece of equipment to be successful. Stick selection is important for each age group of goalies, because of this, I am here to try and help you make the best purchase for your young goaltender. Below I will touch on the specs of the sticks, highlights of the stick, and who the stick is best suitable for.

These are the best youth goalie sticks on the market.

  • Sher-Wood 530
  • TRUE A4.5 HT
  • Warrior Swagger Pro LTE2
  • Bauer Vapor X2.9
  • TRUE AX9

These are hands down the best youth goalie sticks for your money

Here’s the deal, goalie parent. Join that Facebook group we linked up, first.

Second, there is a ton of fluff out there. There are people who will try to get you to spend your money on, for lack of a better phrase, stuff you simply do not need.

Please re-read that.

You do not need to spend top dollar on your kids goalie stick. Especially if they’re a youth goalie. They haven’t learned how to shoot quite yet and that’s totally fine. Get them a stick that helps them enjoy the game and learn to love playing goal. If you’re here, buckle up. You’re in for the ride of your life. Oh, if you’re curious what the high end goalie sticks cost and perform like, go read the article we’ve linked up above.

Sher-Wood 530

Manufacturer Specs:

*The youth stick comes in one length, 18”

*The product is made of Aspen, Birch, and Ash laminates

*It is a two-piece designed stick


*A sophisticated looking stick

*Superior durability because of the double birch lamination on the shaft

*Classic wood feel due to the ash paddle and blade

Who It’s For:

This stick is best made for any beginner goaltender who likes the look and feel of a wood stick. Also, this stick doesn’t break the bank, coming in at $44.99.

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Manufacturer Specs:

*It is a Junior goalie stick, the sizes it comes in at is 21”

*This stick has 20% more impact strength in the shaft and 50% more impact strength on the paddle

*The stick is made of different alloys and plastics because it is a composite stick


*The improved BRT+ technology is used through the paddle, along the edge of the blade and through the heel, allowing for a thinner, stronger paddle.

*The viscoelastic layer in the blade and paddle provides more absorption of the puck on impact, mimicking the rebound control of a foam core stick

*TRUE’s carefully calculated Swing Weight removed material from the lower paddle area, shifting the balance point of the stick towards the handle to create a lighter-feeling stick 

Who It’s For:

The TRUE A4.5 HT stick is a mid-range goalie stick best suitable for a goalie who likes wood/foam core sticks but wants something that is much lighter. This stick costs $69.98.

Warrior Swagger Pro LTE2

Manufacturer Specs:

*This stick comes in a 21” size

*The stick has a blade and paddle made of polyurethane foam core

*The shaft is a mix of Birch and Aspen wood with a glass laminate 


*It has a clean natural look to provide a great visual look and even reduce weight

*There are ABS inserts in both the heel and blade in order to keep the structure and deflect pucks into the corners easier

*The blade and paddle both are lightweight and very thin

Who It’s For:

The Warrior Swagger Pro LTE2 is a goalie stick for elite youth goaltenders who appreciate a well-crafted and durable foam core stick. This is Warrior’s premier Junior/Youth Stick and is now priced at $89.98.

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Bauer Vapor X2.9

Manufacturer Specs:

*This stick comes in sizes of 21” and 22”

*The blade is composed of an internal Aero Foam core and an Innegra reinforced outer

*The paddle is made up of a carbon composite construction for a lighter stick


*The stick has a GripTac section on the shoulder of the paddle which allows for better grip of the stick while still being able to move your hand up and down the shaft

*This stick is similar to the previous model but incorporates some new technology used in the Vapor 2X stick

*The Aero Foam core in the blade will give off harder rebounds to effectively redirect the pucks safely into corners

Who It’s For:

The Vapor X2.9 is a stick best designed for intermediate young goalies who want a very durable and lightweight stick for a reasonable price. Bauers Vapor X.29 Junior goalie stick is now listed for $129.99.


Manufacturer Specs:

*The True AX9 Junior stick is available at a 21” paddle size

*BRT+ technology is distributed throughout the paddle, blade, and heel; this provides improved balance while increasing the durability of the stick

*This stick is a fully composite stick, so it does not feature any foam core, only the alloys and plastics it is made up of


*Because of material redistribution in the shaft, paddle, and blade, the balance point of the AX9 is shifted closer to the goalie’s hand, this decreases weight compared to the previous model

*The new grip area near the top of the paddle is large enough for any goalie’s grip to be comfortable using this stick

*FiberShield Technology disperses tiny nanoparticles throughout the shaft, paddle, and blade which gives the stick improved balance and increased durability in the stick

Who It’s For:

The TRUE AX9 is tailored towards elite goalies who want faster load times and quicker passes. This stick is currently sold for $129.99.

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Above, I have gone over some of the top-selling youth goalie sticks. In order to have the best suitable stick for you or your goalie, I recommend going into a store and getting a feel for each of these sticks, then selecting the one you or your goalie prefers the most.


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