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Chest protectors are a key part of how a goalie performs on the ice.  Most goalies are happy with taking a puck off the chest because unless there is a rebound, the puck isn’t going to go in.  Now without a quality chest protector one might be flinching at a shot or feeling pain when taking a shot off the chest or arms.  This is not the goal and that can be an issue because one might be less wanting to play the game of hockey.

This is why I have created a list of the best goalie chest and arm protectors on the market today, in my opinion.  

The best chest protectors available today. 

  • Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Carbon Pro Chest and Arm Protector 
  • Vaughn  Velocity VE8 Pro Carbon Chest and Arm Protector 
  • Warrior Ritual GT2 Pro Goalie Chest and Arm Protector
  • Bauer UltraSonic Goalie Chest and Arm Protector  
  • Brian’s Optik Pro Goalie Chest and Arm Protector 

Best Chest Protectors 2020

When it comes to chest protection, just buy Vaughn. Vaughn may lack in their pad technology, they do not in the chest protection department. In recent years, we’ve started to see gear brands specialize in a certain area, and chest protectors are no different. Vaughn dominates the chest protector market because it’s the highest performing. Alright, enough biased Vaughn talk. I’ll counter it with this, Vaughn’s actual pads / gloves are nowhere near the top of the list in top goalie pads. Let’s jump into this.

Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Carbon Pro

The best goalie chest and arm protector in my opinion goes to the Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Carbon Pro.  Vaughn has dominated the chest protector industry because of their high quality gear for a while.  The SLR2s have carbon strips implemented into the gear throughout the HD padding.  Personally I think that is very cool and is a major advantage over other brands because with the carbon, the chest protector becomes far less susceptible to letting stingers through. 

The arm of the protector is made up of mesh which creates faster break in periods.  It has molded side elbow caps for better protection compared to other chest protectors on the market.  The back of the chest protector is adjustable so each goalie can have the right fit they desire.  The wrists of the chest protector are also narrow, so the transition from gloves to chestie isn’t clunky.   It’s a very light weight, mobile chest protector that provides incredible coverage. Straight up, Vaughn makes awesome chest and arm protectors. 

Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro

Next up on the list, The Vaughn Velocity VE8 Pro Chest and Arm Protector.  The VE8 chest protector is similar to that of Vaughn’s V7 XF chestie, one of the most popular chest protectors amongst all pro goalies.  This protector also has ultra light HD foam in it, with carbon fiber planted in all areas of the protection.  Similar to the first one on the list, Vaughn made this protector very resistant to stingers. 

 This monkey suit has the “Mrazek” straps on the shoulders as well, favorable amongst goalies that like to tuck in the chest protector.  The wrists are also designed to be slimmer so it’s more comfortable to wear a glove and blocker.  Overall I’m a fan of this chest and arm protector made by Vaughn as well.  A lot of pros wear Vaughn underneath, and it’s not hard to see why.  

Warrior GT2 Pro

Third on my list is going to be the Warrior GT2 Pro Chest and Arm Protector.  This protector is very light weight and mobile to start off with.  A big focus in chest protectors is, how well can you move around in them?  When Warrior created this design they wanted as little helmet interference as possible, so that’s what they did, created it so the helmet doesn’t interfere with the chest protector. This chestie shouldn’t have a problem with mobility.  

The chest protector is not only mobile, it’s also very well protected.  It has HyperComp material added to the bulk of the chest to eat more pucks for you.  The HyperComp also keeps the weight down so it doesn’t feel like you’re dragging around a weighted vest all the time.  

The arms of the chest and arm protector are also redesigned.  The elbows feature more of a squared look to prevent any puck from slipping in and causing pain.  Warrior also added double shield protectors that sit tightly against the arm to create a tight fit, mobile feel to the protector.  Overall Warrior is very advanced in terms of technology and they brought the best out of it in this protector. 

Bauer UltraSonic

The Bauer UltraSonic Chest Protector is built like a tank.  Bauer consistently creates light weight gear, but sometimes it has issues with durability.  I think that in this case the gear will hold up.  This chest protector uses Aerolite technology which is why the gear that is light.  It also uses flex-free edge technology throughout the piece, so when a goalie has to twist and turn in a split second, there will not be any restrictions from the chest protector.  The main portion of the protector is made up of CurvComposite and HD foam to absorb pucks so rebounds stay in the chest, and pucks won’t hurt when they come flying in.  On the inside, Bauer put ThermoCore on the chest and back plate to reduce heat while playing, the goal is to stay a little bit cooler.

Along with the impressive chest padding, Bauer also beefed up the arms as well.  They have CurvComposite and Dynamic 3 flex technology to keep the arms protected and mobile.  The protection in the arms as well have adjustability so each goalie can change how the arm feels based on how large the goalie’s arm is.  Overall I like this chest and arm protector a lot because it seems to have tons of technology placed in it.  I place it behind those other brands because the others have been consistently known to create durable gear for a while now.  

Brian’s Optik Pro

Fifth on my list will be going over to Brian’s.  I’ve always been a fan of Brian’s because of how they build their products, but quite honestly I usually prefer their leg pads and gloves.  The Brian’s Optik Pro Chest and Arm Protector might change that opinion.  It uses E foam technology throughout which is going to be good for absorbing pucks daily.  It’s a very adjustable protector that many goalies will appreciate because one can get a tighter or more mobile fit to the body.  It’s a lightweight piece of equipment that uses airknit construction to create that light weight feel.  

Along with quality of the protector, Brian’s is a brand that uses a lot of customization in their gear, such is the case with this piece as well.  Stock gear will come with only different color options and such, but everyone has the option to buy directly from the source to get that extra look or feel you want.  The customization part might honestly be my favorite thing about Brian’s.  In conclusion, this chest and arm protector is going to be very mobile since it has a lot of adjusting one can do to it, the customization aspect of it interests me and I think this piece of equipment deserves a spot in the top five chest protectors on the market today. 

That’s what we have to say on chest and arm protection

Your chest and arm protection is absolutely critical for your performance between the pipes. I highly recommend doing it right from the start, buy purchasing a Vaughn Chest Protection system. It’s just better, flat out. That’s not biased in any way, I left the caveat of their pads as a counter balance against our aggressive tire pumping on their C/A units in this article. Their pads are nowhere near up to snuff as their chest protection systems are. 

Hope you enjoyed!

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