The Best Youth Goalie Pads For Any Budget

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So you’ve got a new goalie, hey? Exciting!

In this deep dive, we’re going to do a comprehensive look at youth goalie pads. They’re the one piece of gear where you can get away with a true entry level pad that won’t break your bank account.

These are the best youth goalie pads for your buck this year.

  • CCM Extreme Flex E4.5
  • Vaughn Ventus SLR2
  • CCM YTFlex 2

Best Youth Goalie Pads

Before we jump into this, a quick disclaimer. These pads are specifically for youth goalies. We’re not talking about pro level goalie pads, nor are we necessarily talking about pads for beginner goalies (unless, they’re a youth goalie who has never played before).

Either your kid wants to try out being a goalie or your young goalie is looking for a new set of pads. Young goalies are usually overlooked in the pad buying process, but not here. We know that no matter what age the player is, every goalie can get an advantage by using the correct pad for his/her style of play. 

These are the best youth goalie pads this year.

CCM Extreme Flex E4.5

Manufacturer Specs:

*SpeedSkin technology allows for quicker sliding along the ice

*A DuaLiteCore allows better movement while on feet and a stiffer thigh-rise to create a better seal

*Quick Motion Strapping System promotes a close connection between the goalie’s leg and pad

*The toe bungee system allows the pad to sit near the goalie’s skate and help save their hips in the long run 


This pad is very lightweight, customizable, and responsive. This is very similar to the professional model pads that CCM sells. These pads incorporate all of the new technology that CCM has to offer. 


The Extreme Flex E4.5 is CCM’s premier youth pad. This pad is modeled after CCM’s best selling pad, the Extreme Flex 4. They come in two different sizes and five different colors. These pads are suitable for your experienced youth goalie and they are set at a great price of $279.99.

Buy on Pure Hockey or Buy at Goalie Monkey.

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Vaughn Ventus SLR2

Manufacturer Specs:

*No outer breaks but double interior breaks to shape the goalie’s pads to their legs and close the five hole

*The inside of the pad is flat and is made with Vaughn’s QuickSlide technology which allows the goalie to push in the butterfly with less effort

*The pad has leg wraps made with Reactive Rotational Control gives the goalie plenty of ways to customize the snugness of their pads

*The boot strap features a buckle system so new goalies will have an easier time securing their pads

*The toe tie is made of a bungee cord and a plastic buckle for easy strapping


These pads are made for goalies who play a lot in the butterfly. They have the features that allow butterfly goalies to excel at a higher level.  These pads also have some of the easiest pad strapping systems in the industry.


The Vaughn Ventus SLR2 is an extraordinary pad that is priced at $299.99. The pad comes in two different sizes and three different colors. These pads’ pro model is used throughout the NHL and who wouldn’t want to wear the same pad as their NHL hero.

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CCM YTFlex 2

Manufacturer Specs:

*There is a mix of Hgh and Low Density foams throughout the pad to make a more balanced pad more suitable for beginner goalies

*The pad features a double internal break for easier five hole coverage and a single outer break for enhanced flexibility

*The knee cradle is adjustable and soft to allow customization and comfortability to the goaltender

*There are two simple velcro straps attached to secure the pad to the goalie’s leg

*There is a classic bootstrap to keep the pad on top of the skate and a bungee skate strap to allow movement throughout the pad while it is still secured to the goalies skate


The CCM YTFlex 2 is a simple and comfortable pad that allows new goalies to learn the ins and outs of becoming a goalie. The pad features a quantity of technology for an entry-level goalie pad.


This is the best pad for any newcomer goalie. It has a great price of $159.99 and comes in four sizes and three different colorways. If you have a kid who wants to try out goalie this is the best pad on the market for you.


There are plenty of factors that go into selecting your young goaltenders set of pads; it is very difficult if you are brand new to hockey and/or goalie. If you have research and information it makes that choice much easier although. I hope this list helped you out in your pad selection process!

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Buying Youth Goalie Gear doesn’t have to be so hard

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Here’s the thing about this whole “becoming a goalie process”. It’s hard. It’s also one of the most exciting journeys you’ll ever embark on. We’ve been there and done that when it comes to being a goalie. We’ve worked with many goalies over the years, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than watching a young goalie grow and develop.

The youth goalie equipment series is one of our favorite, as it’s our best chance to get in front of goalies right as they’re entering the sport.