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Our goal at Goalie Coaches is simple; to help more goaltenders (everywhere) become elite net-minders by sharing tips, techniques, and resources from some of the brightest minds in goalie coaching.

Need help training? Check out our on ice video packages and off ice training programs.

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2018 Summer Off Ice Program NOW OPEN!

New for the summer of 2018, we’ve partnered with pro strength coach Jayme Pantekoek to deliver two goalie specific off ice summer training programs designed for goalies up to the professional level.

This is the same type of material that Jayme uses with his NHL clients, as well as athletes progressing to the collegiate and pro ranks.

Join the Elite Level Program ($79) or Join the Advanced Level Program ($59)

Hockey Goalie Training from Goalie Coaches

The Goalie Coaches brand was born from a simple desire to aid in the development of goaltenders across the world. Our mission is to inspire goalies by sharing goalie training tips, techniques, and advice from some of the brightest goaltending minds in the world. Whether you’re a goalie coach looking for new drill ideas, or a goaltender without access to a coach, we have built a collection of drills sure to fill your next practice.

Not only are we for goalies, we’re by goalies. Our team is an innovative group of forward thinkers that puts one priority in front of every other: giving back to the community. Across the world, there are hockey goalies who do not have access to a coach. Whether it’s the proper funds, or distance to a coach, or maybe there are simply no coaches in that area, we get it. We’re bridging that gap, one goalie drill at a time. Photo Credit: @ricogunn27

GoaltendingProspects.com Featured Goalie of the Week

The team at Goalie Coaches recently launched a brand new recruiting tool for hockey goalies all over the planet. The tool is called Goaltending Prospects.

The Goaltending Prospects project was designed for goalies of any age, any level of play, to be able to have a place to promote themselves and their skillset.

In addition to our free listings on the site, we also have a premium option that members of our All Access Training Program get for free.

Ben Churchfield was one of the first to sign up for Goaltending Prospects and he’s our GoaltendingProspects.com Featured Goalie of the Week.

View Ben Churchfield’s Profile >>

Off Ice Goalie Training

Goalie Coaches has off ice training programs for goalies from College+ levels down to youth goalies. 

On Ice Goalie Training

Goalie Coaches has on ice training programs for goalies from College+ levels down to youth goalies. 

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Goalie Coaches is Dedicated To Building Hockey Goalies

On a day to day basis, you can expect new hockey goalie training videos on our YouTube and Instagram Channels. We feature elite level goalies on a more personal level with our daily Snapchat takeovers in addition to drills, always trying to better serve goalies around the world. On top of that, we post goalie articles almost daily.

We’re not just posting drills and articles, however, we’re building a real community for goalies and goalie coaches everywhere. Want to join the fun? Write an article or submit a drill video! We’ll give you credit where credit is due.

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A Letter To Goalie Parents

You’re probably here because you, or your kid, has caught the goaltending disease. Fortunately for you, it’s not exactly curable, so welcome to the club!

The Goalie Coaches name answers everything we’ve ever stood for. We’re a community of goalies and goalie coaches who simply want to give back to our position. The hockey community is as close knit as any other on the planet and the sub society of hockey goalies inside is even tighter.

You simply will not find people on this planet more passionate about their craft than goalies.

And those who never get between the pipes.. they’ll never understand.

To goaltending.