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The goalie stick market has been one of the most disrupted in recent years. Just 5 years ago, foam core sticks were some of the best goalie sticks on the market. In 2020, the goalie stick market is dominated by Warrior, Bauer, and CCM.

Here are the best goalie sticks that money can buy in 2020.

Honestly, there are realistically two brands you should look at when considering the goalie stick you should buy. Those would be Warrior and Bauer.

These are the Best Goalie Sticks on the market today

We intentionally listed a handful of sticks here. If you decide that you absolutely cannot have the Bauer or the Warrior, I would maybe take a look at CCM as a close 3rd. Honestly, the CR1 by Warrior, even though it’s dated, is still competitive with the other goalie sticks as well. Let’s get into our picks of top high end goalie sticks on the market.

Warrior M1 Pro+ (Best Overall)

The newest and best goalie stick that you can get for 2020 is the Warrior M1 Pro+.  It’s the lightest goalie stick that we’ve seen out of Warrior to this date.  It’s almost to the point of reaching Bauer-goalie-sticks lightweight.  The big advantage that the Warrior M1 Pro+ stick has over the Bauer sticks although is the durability.  Warrior sticks are known for their ability to withstand the test of time, every time.

Not only that, but M1 Pro+ is a lot better at shooting and puck handling, compared to previous models.  The stick has a low kick point design which gives it a better spring, shooting the puck further, quicker.  And not to sound like an ad, but this goalie stick is also very balanced.

Really you aren’t going to find a better goalie stick in 2020. You can check the latest price of it here on PureGoalie.


  • Very lightweight
  • Durable
  • Better shooting and puck handling
  • Balanced feel
  • Shock absorbent


  • Although it is shock absorbent, it does have more hand shock than the previous VR1 Pro+

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro +

The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro+ is a close second in terms of the best goalie sticks you can get.  I personally used this stick for the past hockey season and really liked it.  Stick handling and controlling pucks were fairly smooth, but definitely not as good as the 2S Pro or the new M1 Pro+.  However, there were no vibrations in the hand after pucks bounce off the blade.

The V1 Pro + and the Ritual V1 are pretty similar, but you’re going to pay more for the V1 Pro +. Warrior has a great return policy, and the V1 Pro + is the most durable goalie stick on the market, so it’s well worth the investment.   You can check the latest price of it on PureGoalie here.


  • The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro + is the most durable goalie stick
  • Balanced incredibly well, even over the CR1
  • Customize them however you want on Goalie Monkey


  • Still doesn’t shoot as well as the Bauer 2S Pro or UltraSonic

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Bauer UltraSonic (Best For Puck Handling)

The Bauer UltraSonic is the newest lineup of goalie gear from Bauer in 2020.  This is an overall really lightweight stick.  What you are really getting here is a stick that has amazing puck handling abilities.  You can also move like the wind using this twig. Columbus goalie Elvis Merzlikins has been using the UltraSonic stick in the 2020 playoffs and he’s been looking good with it.

The one concern with the 2S Pro stick released a couple years ago was the durability of the spine.  New for 2020, Bauer has improved the durability of it so your stick will last longer than 3 skates.  Stick handling-wise this is the best goalie stick you can get.  Deflections and shots off the blades might cause a little bit of hand shock although, simply because it’s so light.

In all though, the UltraSonic is a stick handling goalies dream.  You can check the latest price of it here on PureGoalie.  

CCM Axis Pro

The CCM Axis Pro is the next best goalie stick for 2020.  It’s CCM’s newest goalie stick and it appears to be leagues above their previous models.  It features NanoCarbon layering, a new stronger shaft, Zeroflux technology (vibration dampener), and a more durable blade.

I already said it, but this goalie stick appears to be a whole letter better than their Eflex 4 goalie stick, which kept breaking at the shaft or in the blade.  If the new Axis Pro is reinforced as well as CCM claims that it is, this is one of the better goalie sticks you can get.

And not only that, but the NanoCarbon layering technology dramatically reduced the weight of the stick.  The NanoCarbon actually gives off a similar look to the new Bauer UltraSonic and the older Bauer 2S Pro stick.  Check the latest price of it here on PureGoalie.

Bauer 2S Pro

The difference between the 2S pro and the UltraSonic stick isn’t huge (better durability in the UltraSonic).

With that being said, the Bauer 2S is one of the best goalie sticks for shooting that has ever been made. This is because of the extremely thin profile of the blade. The Bauer 2S shoots better than Warrior sticks, plain and simple.  Warrior did however come out with the M1 Pro+ this year which is very solid at shooting and stick handling.

The problem with the Bauer 2S Pro is the durability of it.  It may have some concerns in that area, but it excels in the others.

Bottom line, every goalie stick is going to burn out eventually. I am more than comfortable recommending the 2S twig to any goalie, anywhere. It’s a phenomenal stick, but a spendy one. If you can’t take this risk, I seriously recommend going with a CR1, a V1, or a Bauer 2S (not the pro version).   Check the latest price of the 2S Pro stick here on PureGoalie.


  • One of the best goalie sticks for stick handling
  • Lightweight


  • Durability is a concern
  • Light weight sacrifices vibration

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Warrior Ritual V1 Pro

The Ritual V1 Pro would be a step down from the V1 Pro + and I’m very comfortable recommending this twig to anybody. For the price, the Ritual V1 pro is one of the best all around goalie sticks available to buy.

It’s fairly light, very durable and has good vibration dampening technology.  This is the goalie stick to get if you can’t afford the elite end sticks, but still want something that will perform at a high standard.  You can check the latest price of it here on PureGoalie. 


  • One of the best all around goalie stick
  • Great vibration handling
  • Shoots well, not as well as the 2S Pro


  • Slightly dated, considering Warrior has launched the new M1 lineup

Bauer Vapor 2X Pro

The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro is another goalie stick that is very popular in the NHL.  It was designed for the goalies that liked the feel of the foam-core stick, but wanted something that was up to date.  Mainly because the foam-core sticks from Bauer have been discontinued.

The 2X Pro has really good vibration dampening technology.  It is a bit heavier than the UltraSonic and 2S Pro, but not by much.  The balance and feel of this stick is actually very good.  A lot of pro goalies were/ still are using the Vapor 2X Pro stick, simply because it has a great feel to it.

You get a lot of the advantages of both a foam-core and a composite goalie stick here.  It is a little outdated now, but don’t count it out as one of the best.  Check the latest price here on PureGoalie.

CCM E Flex 4

The CCM E Flex 4 Pro is the next best goalie stick.  I’m having a difficult time recommending this goalie stick over other sticks on the market because it’s not the most durable stick out there, but there are several NHL goalies using it, including Jusse Saros of the Predators. It does feature a lot of good technology such as the low kick point for shooting pucks better and the Sigmatex material which decreases the weight of the stick.

Along with that, similar to the Axis Pro the E Flex 4 stick has ZeroFlux tech which reduces the hand vibration.

Overall, if you are a big fan of CCM, I would recommend getting the Axis Pro goalie stick.  The E Flex 4 is still good, but the price doesn’t differentiate very much between the two.  But you can check the latest price of the Elfex 4 Pro on PureGoalie here. 

True AX9

The True AX9 is the best True goalie stick that you can get.  Goalie Connor Helleybuck from the Jets is currently using it along with his CCM pads.  True isn’t most known for their goalie sticks, but the AX9 is quality.

It features smartshield, Braided Rib Technology, Axenic Technology, and Smartply.

The AX9’s biggest advantage that it has to offer is the balanced feel.  It isn’t the lightest goalie stick on the market, but it isn’t the heaviest either.  This stick has solid vibration dampening technology as well.

Connor Helleybuck is in the running for the Vezina right now so maybe he’s on to something.  Check the latest price of the AX9 on PureGoalie here.

Warrior Ritual CR1

I previously used the Ritual CR1 goalie stick when it first came out a couple years ago and let me tell you something, I loved it.  It was durable, balanced, dampened puck shots like a champ and never broke down on me.  I eventually ended up moving onto the newer models of Warrior sticks, but the CR1 will always have a special spot in my heart.

Ok, maybe I’m getting a little corny here, but you get the point.

This stick was my favorite for a long time and only a new and improved stick changed that.  I could go hop on the ice with this stick right now and absolutely tear it up out there with it, no problem.

If you are ok with the fact that it is a little bit outdated, this goalie stick is still one of the best.  Check the latest price of it here on PureGoalie. 

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Those are the only goalie sticks we recommend for this year.

Here’s the deal when we’re recommending goalie gear.

Honestly, we could take money from brands to only recommend their gear. While that would be great, our only mission is to bring value to you, the goalie (or parent). It makes zero sense for us to have our opinions influenced by a brand paying us.

Does that mean we won’t work with brands? Absolutely not. In fact, we’ve worked with Bauer goalie for several years. Go look at the gear we recommend. Bauer has the best mask (our opinion) right now, but they don’t have the best stick, or the best pads, or chest protector. We’re not swayed by outside influence.

And that is what we will always be here at Goalie Coaches.  Only bringing you the best information possible.

Thanks for reading!

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