These are the Best Hockey Goalie Gloves Money Can Buy

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For a hockey goalie, the glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll buy. There’s a number of things to consider before buying a new goalie glove, and we’ll take you through all of them.

best hockey goalie gloves These are the best goalie gloves, or should we say, best hockey goalie gloves on the market this year. We’re huge fans of building a kit of gear that suits your playing style the best, regardless of what brand you’re wearing. When it comes to goalie gloves, hockey goalies must remember that catching the puck is one of the most important things you’ll do in making a save.

These gloves are not going to be the cheapest goalie gloves on the market. They’re the best gloves that money can buy. We’re talking about performance things like the best closing goalie gloves, easiest to use right out of the box, and more.

Here at Goalie Coaches, we take our reputation seriously.

We’ve trained hundreds of elite Division 1 and Professional goalies throughout the existence of our company and as a result, we’ve learned more about gear than most individuals on the planet.

Each summer during our annual camps throughout the United States and Canada, we field more gear questions than we know what to do with. When we get a question like this, we answer honestly and openly. If one of our camp goers needs more advice, we send them here to help make their decision easier.

Here are the best hockey goalie gloves for 2022. 

2022 Best Hockey Goalie Gloves

The best hockey goalie glove money can buy is the CCM E Flex 5. 

Before we jump into this article, I would like to point this out. These are not cheap gloves. We talk about two things here at Goalie Coaches. First and most importantly, the best of the best when it comes to equipment. We’re not paid by certain companies to say one thing or another. We’ll say what we want, where companies can improve, and where you should stay away.

The second thing is, we’re driven by quality. The stuff we talk about, regardless of price, is the stuff that we’ve used ourselves, or is used by our D1 and Professional clients. When we write goalie gear reviews, the single most important thing that sets us apart from anybody else is this fact. We put our money where our mouths are. If we do not own the gear, we buy it. If we cannot buy it, we use our network to get our hands on it before anybody else has.

Again, these are NOT the most budget-friendly gloves available to goalies. These are the top-of-the-line, best of the best hockey goalie gloves. Most, if not all, of these are currently worn in the NHL by pros who’re seeing faster shots than any of us will ever see.

What’s our pick this year?

Move over, Brian’s, the CCM E Flex 5 goalie glove is the best glove for goalies this season. Featuring a newly redesigned back of hand flex area, it’s one of the most comfortable goalie gloves we tested prior to writing this article.

CCM E Flex 5 

Our Best Glove This Year
CCM E Flex 5 Glove

The top glove this year, CCM has done it again. The glove needs no introduction, if you want the highest performance goalie glove money can buy, get the all new E Flex 5 and quit asking questions.

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The company released the CCM E Flex 5 lineup earlier in 2021. Along with it, we were introduced to the newly redesigned E Flex glove. One of the first things that jumps out to me about CCM over the past number of years, despite the fact that they lost a handful of pros, is the customization options they offer to goalies.

Bauer focused on the look of pads, opting for less customization, where as CCM went for customizing the internals. To be honest, customizing the internals to get the performance of your pads down pat is the better option.

Looks are one thing, performance is another. This glove is, from what we’ve discovered in our testing thus far, one of the highest performance goalie gloves we’ve tried in the past handful of years.

The company utilizes a newly designed internal molded cuff, a one piece cuff design (two piece is available for custom orders) to improve the overall closure of the glove. Whether or not it actually makes a difference is up to the user, I thought this glove closed extremely well myself.

The one thing to keep in mind is CCM has always had one of the top goalie gloves on the market. You know how they call tissue paper, “Kleenex”? Well, they should just call the 590 break the break at which every other goalie trapper on the market was modeled after. CCM makes a professional level glove year in and year out, so getting back to the top of our list wasn’t an issue.

In the photo we’ve linked here, we’re looking at the back area of this glove. Just looking at this area, without taking measurements, it looks like the company increased the distance between breaks, designed to make the glove close easier than ever before. They’re saying they modeled this after their pro clients feedback, some say it’s more of a marketing ploy, but it worked on me.

CCM is calling this the “Flex Motion Backhand”. Pretty catchy. Pun intended.

This glove is worth every penny and it’s our number one this year for good reason. If you’re customizing it, for optimal catching ability, get the double t pocket.

True L20.1

The Lefevre L20.1 is a super popular glove amongst NHL goalies.  As you have likely heard, True recently purchased Lefevre and many goalies wearing CCM have followed suit.

What makes this goalie gloves special is the quality that you find in it.  It’s built of premium material and hand constructed for optimal performance.  The True L20.1 features a 590 break which is one of the more popular breaks that you can get in a glove.

If you are buying it stock, the L20.1 comes with a Game Ready Palm.  What this means is that you’ll be able to break the glove in fairly quickly after it comes out of the box.  If you were to go with a custom glove, there are other options that you could choose like a Pro Palm which is going to be very stiff.

A simple but effective feature in the palm of the L20.1 goalie glove is the suregrip material.  The engineering behind it ensures that your hand won’t slip while making a glove save, or playing hockey in general.  This is especially nice later in games when you’ve likely sweat a lot up until that point.

Lastly, the glove comes with straps to get a better fit for your hand.  Personally, I enjoy a tighter glove and I’m able to do that with a glove like this.

Brian’s OPTIK 2

Best Overall Glove
Brian's Optik 2 Goalie Glove

The Optik 2 is one of the highest performing goalie gloves you'll find in 2021. It's comfortable and comes ready to play. You won't go wrong with this glove.

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The Brian’s OPTIK 2 is one of the best goalie gloves money can buy, no doubt about it.

Without question, this glove is more versatile and fits more hands than any other competitor on the market today.  While you might be surprised to see this glove at the top of my list with plenty of great options out there, I stand behind this decision.

Each piece of equipment that wears the Brian’s brand is handcrafted in Canada.  The thing about “smaller” goalie brands is that they generally put more effort into creating the highest quality product.  And so as a result you as the goalie benefits with a high quality product.

Overall though the Optik 2 glove is comfortable and is easy to close.  It’s not the lightest glove on the market, but it’s also built to last.  The palm is doesn’t collect and stingers with the game ready option and you really won’t feel a thing with the pro palm.  You can also get the bulk palm but honestly at that point it’s going to be difficult to squeeze.

The thing that’s really cool about the Optik 2 goalie glove is that you can completely customize it.  From colors to palm size to the new BOA strapping system or standard option.  It offers complete range of customizability.

In my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with this glove.  I know a guy that has been using his Brian’s G-Netik 2 glove from years ago and it’s still running like a champ.  They build them to last.  (And no, we have zero affiliation with Brian’s, just like supporting companies like them).

Warrior G5 Pro

Let’s make one thing clear about Warrior’s goalie gloves.

While they’re not currently worn in the NHL, these gloves are a pro level glove that would absolutely perform at that level. In recent years, Warrior has focused solely on the youth and entry level ages of goaltending. And by youth, we do not just mean kids. We mean, anything up to the NHL level.

The Warrior G5 pro is no exception of their superior goalie equipment lineup. This glove is one of the lightest goalie trappers on the market, and it comes out of the box ready to play.

What makes this glove so intriguing is the CoverEdge Technology implemented into it.  Essentially what CoverEdge does is adds a forward tilt to the glove.  This cuts the angle of the puck to the net more-so than the coverage you would get in a standard hockey goalie glove.

It also creates a natural hand position for goalies to move around and stop pucks in.

What really makes this glove cool though is the removable palm liner, allowing for maximum customization of the angle your glove will be at.  Your options are 60, 75 and 90 degrees.  Stock is 75 degrees.

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic

Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Goalie Glove

Another goalie glove for 2021 that continues to impress. It's very lightweight (per usual for Bauer) and has a natural hand fit. The back of the hand also has increased coverage.

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It should come as no surprise to many that the Ultrasonic gloves makes the top 5 hockey goalie glove list.  It’s just too good not to put it up here.

While I can honestly say that I haven’t love the 2X and 2S gloves from Bauer in previous years, the Ultrasonic is pretty sweet.  It closes very easily and has a natural hand fit.

The cuff is now only a single piece compared to previous Bauer gloves.  Which prevents and negative movement in the wrist and cuff, allowing for a better squeeze on the puck.

The glove angle is 75 degrees which allows for you to catch pucks at or above your fingertips.

Bauer has also implemented what is called “Free Flex” on the backside of the glove. What it does is gives goalies better range of motion to catch anything thrown your way.

And lastly, this glove is very lightweight.  Now, with that comes the risk of durability concerns.  In my personal experience with Bauer gloves, they’re actually held up well.  It’s the leg pads that usually have issues.

CCM Axis Pro

CCM E Flex 4

As far as goalie gloves are concerned, CCM makes an incredible product. If you’re a first time goalie and have zero idea of which glove you should buy, get a CCM glove (any one) with a 590 break. It’s widely known and accepted as one of the most versatile breaks of all time. The 590 break is simply the way the glove closes, and it’s been adopted or modeled by virtually every other goalie glove on the market.

But, why aren’t you guys mentioning the CCM Axis Pro? That’s what makes us different than other gear review websites. And, to be clear, we’re not a gear review website. We care about you performing better on the ice, not getting paid a few bucks by CCM to tell you their Axis Pro is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Truth be told, we haven’t used the CCM Axis Pro yet. Yes, you can buy it on both Goalie Monkey and Pure Goalie, but we’re still waiting on ours. Until we get a chance to extensively test it, or train one on one with somebody who has, we won’t be able to tell you whether or not it’s better than the E Flex 4.

What’s the difference between the CCM Premier 2 and the CCM E Flex 4 Glove?

Check out the price at Pure Goalie or buy at Goalie Monkey.

CCM Premier 2

Check out the price at Pure Goalie or buy at Goalie Monkey.

Bauer 2X

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Bauer 2S

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