Lateral Release Goalie Drills

The Lateral Release is when a goalie holds on to their edges for as long as possible before releasing into a butterfly position. 

It’s critical that goalies work on their lateral release, so that they’re not over sliding past pucks, taking themselves out of position for the next shot.

How Goalies Can Improve Their Lateral Release

Do you know what the lateral release in goaltending is?

Without realizing, you’re already using this movement in your game. The lateral release is the art of stopping just prior to releasing into the butterfly position to make a save. 

If there is one thing that’s under talked about in the position of goaltending, it’s the Lateral Release. 

Elite professional goalies do not slide past pucks. They’re adept at getting on angle and square to the puck and making saves without sliding out of position. This is due to the fact that they are elite in their ability to utilize the lateral release. 

Use these lateral release drills to focus on this specific movement.