Hockey Goalie Training

Hockey goalies have one of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Goalie Coaches has trained thousands of hockey goalies, from youth to the professional levels. When it comes to training goalies, we’ve just about saw it all. In this guide, we’re going to cover every single thing you’ll need to know as far as training hockey goalies is concerned. We’ll cover things like on ice goalie training, off ice training for goalies, nutrition, drills, concepts, and more. 

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How To Train Hockey Goalies

When we consider goalie training as a whole, there are really two major components; on-ice training and off-ice training. Of course, there are hundreds of sub-topics amongst both of these subcategories, all of which we’ll cover below. 

On Ice Goalie Training

Goalie Drills

In the world of on ice training, the drills you do with your goalies on the ice are everything. We’ve got an entire page dedicated to different types of goalie drills, with everything from technical RVH drills to basic puck watching drills for beginner goalies. 

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Check out our goalie drills library.

Off-Ice Goalie Training