Deflection and Traffic Drills for Goalies

Two Goalie Deflection Drill by Dusan Sidor (@10dtendy)

There are several things that we worked on here: 1. stick deflections 2. Step-slide 3. Blocking redirected shots. As demonstrated in the beginning, the step-slide can be used when you are too far out of position and you have to get back to follow a rebound. It is easier and takes much less time than let’s say a t-push. The second thing the goalie out front works on is stick deflections. This fun game will teach goalies to direct the pucks right where they want them, because they actually have something to aim for when trying to score. The goalie in the net works on blocking tipped shots by making himself tall and pushing his gloves out towards the stick blade. It is important not to overslide, just a quick small push is enough. The drill can be done from the center position, or moved to the side. As you can see, in the end we also incorporated the VH.

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Crease Management w/ RVH Seal and Push by @seanmurrayvanpfgs

?: @seanmurrayvanpfgs — @buskey01 working on crease management for shallow back and RVH seal and push.

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