Goalie Skating Drills (or is it skating drills for goalies?)


I speak goaltender, not fluent english. For that, I apologize.

Regardless, skating is one of the single most important things a goaltender does. Aside from actually stopping the puck, skating puts a goalie in a position to actually make the save. A good skating ability is imperative in today’s game, with shooters getting faster and shots getting harder.

Whether you’re a large goaltender or a small goalie (especially so if you’re a small goalie with big aspirations), you’ve got to learn how to skate. We’ve put together a list of some of the best goalie skating drills out there. This list will grow, be patient with us.

Simple T-Push Drill for Goalies w/ Dave Rogalski

For the drill here, skip to the 1:36┬ámark of this video. We did a write up on the full breakdown in article format earlier in 2017, that’s available here.

The drill is simple, start on one post, t-push (focus on push, pull your back leg–not dragging it) out to the center of your crease. Then, once your feet are set, shuffle one time in the direction of you were headed.

A couple variations you can add to this drill are A) once you’ve done your shuffle, t-push to the opposite post and flip the drill. B) add in a shot after you’ve done your shuffle.

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Skate On vs. Toe Lock in the RVH: by @robinlindstrand

This is less a drill, and more so a good look at the difference between having your skate on the post in the RVH versus “locking your toe”. In this video, we can clearly see the difference in left and right skates and how they interact with the post.