Deflection and Traffic Drills for Goalies

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Justin Fazio’s New Bauer 2S Set

Justin Fazio, longtime goaltender for the Sarnia Sting of the Ontario Hockey League, is well known for his gear prowess. He recently debuted a new...

Bauer Vapor 2X Chest Protector Review + Everything We Know

It's the best time of year to be a goalie. Well, best for your dreams, worst for your pocket book. It's the "new gear"...

Ukko Pekka Luukkonen


Anders Lindbacks New CCM E Flex 3 Gear

With one of (in our humble opinion) the best looking color schemes in professional hockey,...

Warrior Ritual CR1 Goalie Stick Review

Just 3-5 years ago, composite goalie sticks were almost unheard of in the NHL. Up...

New NHL Spec Chest Protectors for 2018 2019

Year after year, the NHL continues to try to reduce the size of the goaltenders...



Box Control in Goaltending (Videos)

Earlier this year, I had posted an article (on our old website, old design) --...
This was a screenshot of a photo of the latest OPTIK goalie gear from Brian's Custom Sports

Brian’s OPTIK Goalie Gear Review: The Breakdown and Everything We Know

Brian's OPTIK Goalie Gear Review: Everything We Know Late in 2017, Brian's released a line of...

Christmas Gifts for Goalies

How To Buy Christmas Gifts for Goalies First off, let's be perfectly clear. This list of Christmas...


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Corey Crawford Chicago Blackhawks 2017 Goalie Mask

Corey Crawford’s 2017 Mask Chicago Blackhawks

A post shared by CCM Goalie (@ccmgoalie) on Aug 4, 2017 at 5:25am PDT // If Corey Crawford's 2017 Mask indicates anything about his setup, we'll...

Bauer NME VTX Helmet Review: Everything We Know

Bauer runs two lines of goalie masks. The first, their classic Profile style of mask (Bauer 960, 950, etc). Second, the Bauer NME mask. The...

Bauer 960 / 961 XPM Goalie Mask Review

First things first, are the Bauer 960 and 961 goalie masks the same thing?  Yes, they are. The only difference between the Bauer 960 and...

New NHL Spec Chest Protectors for 2018 2019

Year after year, the NHL continues to try to reduce the size of the goaltenders equipment. Most recently, we saw a reduction in the...

Muscle Recovery Aids for Goalies

The hockey season can be a long and grueling one, especially for goalies. On the ice 5+ times per week throughout the season, often...


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