3 Shot Warmup Drill for Goalies

Drill Description:

This is a quick paced warmup drill that involves three different positions in the crease. This drill is a quicker paced drill that should be done once the goalie is properly warmed up prior to practice.

Drill Focus 🎥:

Drill Video

What To Work On In This Drill:

In this drill, the goalie will receive three shots, all from the same place on the ice. The focus of the drill is on watching the puck into the goalies body, making a save while controlling the rebound to a safe location on the ice.

Shooters should take care to shoot the pucks in a place where the goalie can control the rebound effectively. If you’re using players as shooters, ensure that they are aware of this as more often than not they’ll try to shoot for a tight corner. The drill is to warm up the goalie, to work their eyes, and get them ready for a long practice.

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