Behind Net Tracking To Net Drive Drill for Goalies

Drill Description:

This is a two shot drill that simulates a play where the puck is carried behind the net and passed to the front scoring area for a shot. There is a second element to the drill where after the first shot, a player picks up a puck and travels in front of the net for a second shot, simulating a net drive scenario.

Drill Focus 🎥:

Drill Video

What To Work On In This Drill:

The goalie should focus on letting play behind the net develop, maintaining a good site line to the puck. From there, we will focus on proper foot positioning on the post itself, before pushing off and making a clean save on the first shot.

The goalie should then recover to their post, while the player who shot the puck picks up another from near the goal line. The player then drives to the net and the goalie works on a net front crossing scenario.

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