In Tight Hand Projection with Second Shot Wrap Goalie Drill

Drill Description:

This is an advanced drill that forces the goalie to work on projecting their hands, while not skating past the post. Focus on proper post integration and proper hand projection to make two saves.

Drill Focus 🎥:

Drill Video

What To Work On In This Drill:

This is a tough drill for goalies at all levels. In this one, we’re working on projecting our hands forward, over the puck in an “in tight” situation. For this clip, we’ve already added a second part to the drill progression – where the goalie transitions back towards the post and integrates with an RVH on the post.

Drill: shooter picks a random side and puts a shot on net, the goalie must make the save and follow the shooter to the post. They re-gain their feet and the shooter tries for a wrap around scoring attempt.

Progression #1: add pucks behind the net and have goalie return to feet for second shot from a wrap around

Progression #2: instead of standing, have the goalie simply move into the RVH on whichever post they’re closest to. The shooter then tries to wrap around and the goalie transitions from post to post.

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