On Ice Goalie Training Programs

When it comes to finding success between the pipes, it’s not always about finding the most expensive coach. Rob Liddell is the Director of Goaltending Development at Goalie Coaches, focusing solely on helping hundreds of goalies on their game at a single time. Rob’s extensive client list includes goalies who have won gold on an international stage, multiple D1 and pro athletes, as well as Tier 1/2 junior netminders. 

While our on ice video packages differ from our off ice workouts for goalies, the concept is the same. Bring NHL caliber goalie training to goalies across the world, at a price every goalie can afford.

JUST RELEASED – For 2018 we’ve partnered with Pro Strength Coach Jayme Pantekoek for All Off Ice Goalie Programs – Learn More!

15 Week Elite Level Summer Training Program

Designed for HS, Junior and College goalies. Our most intense training plan, weight room access required. 

15 Week Body Weight Summer Training Program

This is a bodyweight program designed for Bantam or Pre-HS goalies who do not have access to a gym. 

Want On Ice Hockey Goalie Training Videos?

In addition to our workout programs for goalies, we’ve also built a complete library of goalie training videos. These goalie drill videos are the exact same ones we use in our private lessons and team coachings, from entry level to College + goalies.

We’ve packaged these un-released to the public training drills into varying series’, or you can access everything we have to offer for a recurring monthly charge.

Program FAQs

Do you give out stuff for free? Absolutely. We created Goalie Coaches to help goalies who may not have access to a coach. Check out our Instagram for a plethora of free goalie drills. These drills and training programs are much further in depth, designed to give an understanding of why you’re executing a specific movement rather than simply going through the motions.

How do your programs compare to in person coaching? It is our fundamental belief that, even without access to a coach, goalies can see success between the pipes. That’s because it’s up to the individual to put in the hours necessary for their own progress.

With that said, these videos are designed to fill the void from coaches, whether you’re unable to afford constant 1 on 1 training or simply do not have coaches within driving distance.

I’m a parent, do these drill packages make sense for me? Absolutely! These drills are set up so that goalies can take 2-4 of them to a practice and work on their game day in and day out, regardless of whether or not they work with a goalie specific coach.

Can associations and coaches sign up? Of course! We understand that we cannot work 1 on 1 with every goalie in the world. On top of that, we’re not interested in that!

Our Drills Vault is incredibly valuable to associations because it offers goalie specific drills for use at team practices. Contrary to popular belief, developing high end goalies doesn’t mean firing 2,000 pucks per practice in their direction.

These drills will help your association and team coaches develop an understanding of basic and advance drills/concepts for goalies.

Do you update the drills? We update this library of drills on a monthly basis. That means, for the life of your subscription, you’ll never run out and we’ll continue to add fresh content.

FAQs Cont.

What’s the difference between All Access and the Drills Vault? The difference is in Elite / Advanced Monthly Workouts.

Our Drills Vault is designed for goalies, parents, associations and coaches who need a variety of new drill ideas and concepts to put in place. This is updated monthly and is the exact stuff we use with all of our goalies.

The All Access: Total Goalie Training Program was built for goalies who are currently playing at a HS / Junior or College level, or for those who aspire to play there. This program will unlock every single training program we offer, and you’ll get the most hands on training we can possibly offer (over the internet, of course).

How does your pricing compare to in person goalie coaching? Our goal has always been to bring more affordable goalie training to all corners of the planet. Seriously.

A private lesson with an accomplished goalie coach can cost anywhere from $85-$200. And that’s just one lesson.

We believe that goalies who take it upon themselves to put in extra work at practice and in the gym are the ones destined to play at the next level. These monthly drill libraries and programs cost less than just one private lesson per month.

What does this look like? Let’s assume a private lesson in your area goes for $100 (we all know, this is much higher). To get on the ice once per week, you’re looking at $5,200 for the whole year.

Goalies in our All Access: Total Goalie Training program pay just $948 for a year’s worth of training. That’s drills, workouts, webinars, and so much more.