Connect with a passionate audience of goaltenders across the world


First and foremost, when we partner with a brand or personality our #1 interest is in providing value to our audience.

We are interested in forming relationships with brands and personalities with a shared interest in creating truly organic content that engages (yes, that actually engages, not stuff that simply looks cool) and HELPS the netminders that give us their time.

If you have a creative idea that meets these basic prerequisites (and you’re relatively creative), let’s talk.

You can contact info (at) with subject line “Brand + Potential Partnership”.

We hope you enjoy the community we are attempting to build, thank for SO much for your support of @goaliecoaches.

What we bring to the table..

A rabid community of over 50,000 goalies on our Email list, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Oh, and our Facebook group.

Contact info (at)


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