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Elite-level Online Goalie Training

Our goal at Goalie Coaches is simple; to help more goaltenders (everywhere) become elite net-minders by sharing tips, techniques, and resources from some of the brightest minds in goalie coaching.

We believe that a the success of a goaltender comes from within him or herself, with goalie coaches simply laying a foundation for them to build on. If you can learn how to learn and how to train, you can be successful. Our online goalie training programs (opened only 3x per year) do exactly that.

 Goalie Coaches: the resource for hockey goalie training


Goalie Coaches was born from a simple desire to aid in the development of goaltenders across the world. Our mission is to inspire goalies by sharing tips, techniques, and advice from some of the brightest goaltending minds in the world. Whether you’re a goalie coach looking for new drill ideas, or a goaltender without access to a coach, we have built a collection of drills sure to fill your next practice.

Not only are we for goalies, we’re by goalies. Our team is an innovative group of forward thinkers that puts one priority in front of every other: giving back to the community. Across the world, there are goaltenders who do not have access to a coach. Whether it’s the proper funds, or distance to a coach, or maybe there are simply no coaches in that area–we get it. We’re bridging that gap, one drill at a time.

What We Do

On a day to day basis, you can expect new hockey goalie training videos on our YouTube and Instagram Channels. We feature elite level goalies on a more personal level with our daily Snapchat takeovers in addition to drills, always trying to better serve goalies around the world.

We’re not just posting drills, however, we’re building a real community for goalies and goalie coaches everywhere. Want to join the fun? Write an article or submit a drill video! We’ll give you credit where credit is due.