Hockey Goalie Equipment Reviews

Purchasing new goalie gear can be incredibly challenging. Whether you’re a new goalie parent or a wiley vet, whether it be constantly changing gear, fluctuations in price and quality or any other number of reasons — purchasing goalie gear is a trick.

We’ve reviewed some of the best goalie equipment on the market.

Our goal is to objectively (meaning, we don’t get paid by gear companies) review hockey goalie gear so that you, the consumer, can make an educated decision and feel good about the quality of gear you’re buying.

We feel that the #1 most important part of goalie equipment review is that the reviewing company is A) not paid and B) not selling the gear. We do not sell goalie gear, though we may point you to the companies who DO sell the gear so you can make a purchase. Or, better yet, shop local and support the gear nerds in your town.

Below, you’ll find lists of goalie gear manufacturers, so that you can easily sift through our (soon to be) mountain of gear reviews. Simply click a manufacturer, find the specific review you’re looking for and enjoy!=

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