2 Part Puck Handling Progression Drill for Goalies

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In this week’s Bauer Development Series Drill, we’re demonstrating a two part puck handling drill that goalies can progress through as they become more comfortable with the puck.

This drill involves two parts.

First, simple catching and passing, with a twist.


Second, catching a puck and placing it on the ice. 

The second part of this drill involves the goalie catching the puck, placing it on the ice, moving in a direction, and passing the puck back. Throughout this movement, the goalie must execute every piece of the drill properly so the puck is not mishandled.

Keys to the drill. 

One of the most important parts of this drill is consistent eyes up the ice when making a pass. The goalie should be very careful to watch the puck all the way in to his or her body so it’s not mishandled. Upon receiving the pass, the goalie should then get his or her eyes up ice prior to making a pass or moving the puck. As the goalie becomes more proficient in this movement, keeping the “eyes up the ice” will be much easier.

For more goalie drills, check out Goalie Coaches on YouTube.

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