True Catalyst 9X Goalie Stick Review

The True Catalyst 9X Goalie Stick Review is here. True announced this goalie stick earlier this year, noting the fact that it’s going to come in at 20 grams lighter than the previous True 9X stick. There are three big changes coming with the True Catalyst 9X goalie stick in this iteration. This stick will […]

Brian’s OPTIK Goalie Gear Review: The Breakdown and Everything We Know

This was a screenshot of a photo of the latest OPTIK goalie gear from Brian's Custom Sports

Brian’s OPTIK Goalie Gear Review: Everything We Know Staff Update: as of the last update of this article, on July 2nd 2021, Brian’s has since announced the release of their Brian’s GNETikV goalie pads. The original Brian’s OPTIK gear was released and followed by a second iteration of the pad, the Brian’s OPTIK2. Late in […]

Brian’s GNETikV Goalie Pads Review + Everything We Know

It’s official, Brian’s GnetikV Goalie Pads (Brian’s Gnetik 5 Goalie Pads) will be the next drop from the legendary gear manufacturer also known as Goalie’s Only. The Brian’s GNETik line has featured GNETik, GNETik 2, GNETik 3, GNETik 4 and now, GNETik 5, or GNETikV. We’ll continually update this page with updates from Brian’s on […]

What is GSAA for Goalies? Understanding GSAA in hockey

What is GSAA? GSAA is a hockey goaltending statistic that stands for “Goals Saved Above Average”. In the past decade, statistics have taken a much deeper dive than ever before. Not just in hockey, but with sports like Baseball and the “WAR” statistic. How is GSAA calculated? Goals Saved Above Average is calculated by the […]

NHL Goalie Stats

Welcome to the home of Goalie Coaches up to date NHL Goalie Stats. We’re working on setting up stats for as far back as we’re able, and will link those tables up below once we’ve finished compiling the data. NHL Goalie Stats 2020 – 2021 NHL Goalie Stats Here are stats from every goalie who […]

How To Pick The Best Youth Goalie Chest Protector

Chest protectors fall into two categories. Those that are built for higher level goalies, and those that are not. This article is a part of our youth goalie equipment series. If you landed here by accident, and you’re looking for the best chest protectors for goalies in higher levels of play, check out the link. […]

CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector Review

With the recent launch of the CCM E Flex 5 lineup of goalie gear, we finally get a new chest protector from CCM goalie. Today, we’re doing a deep dive CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector Review. This is one of the most mobile, high performance, professional level chest protectors available to goalies today. In […]

Help! How Do I Fix Ripped Goalie Pads?

With the technology behind goalie pads edging closer and closer to actual thin air lightweight-ness (looking at you, Bauer HyperLite, Bauer UltraSonic). In this guide, we’re going to be addressing a real concern amongst goalie pad owners. Fixing them when they rip. With the cost of goalie gear approaching the $2,000 mark, the thought of […]

Bauer HyperLite Goalie Pads Review + Everything We Know

Bauer goalie continues to push the envelope of what is possible between the pipes. New for 2021, we’re introduced to the Bauer Vapor HyperLite Goalie Pads. The HyperLite line follows the Bauer Vapor 2X pad, and more recently, the Bauer UltraSonic pad lineup. Bauer Hyperlite Goalie Pads Review As we’ve seen in previous years, Bauer […]

Thatcher Demko Switches from Brian’s to CCM

What pads does Thatcher Demko wear?  For years, if you answered Brian’s, you would’ve been correct. Until now. Thatcher Demko officially wears CCM E Flex 5 pads. CCM announced the switch on Twitter. Vancouver Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko, formerly a Brian’s goalie, has joined the CCM pro team. Demko will wear the brand new CCM […]

CCM Axis Goalie Gear Review: Everything We Know

Like just about every other large equipment manufacturer on the market, CCM carries multiple lines of goalie equipment. The CCM Axis lineup of gear is a complement to the CCM E Flex Line. It was released in 2020, and is worn by current Nashville Predators goalie Jusse Saros. There are a handful of other high […]

CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skates Review

I know what you’re thinking. Another goalie skate? I just bought a new pair of goalie skates! We’re doing a CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skates review today, this skate is no slouch.  It’s no secret that CCM has emerged as a dominant player in the goalie skate market in recent years. Sure, CCM has always […]

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants Review

Looking for a pros CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants Review? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re not familiar with Goalie Coaches, we’re the worlds single most trusted brand in goaltending. Each year, we train more professional goalies than any other goaltending brand on the planet. Now, this isn’t to say that we’re better […]

CCM E Flex 5 Goalie Pads Review + Everything We Know

CCM is ahead of the curve. The new CCM E Flex 5 goalie pads were announced today by CCM and they look amazing. This line features the knee break section we’ve become accustomed to seeing with the E Flex line from CCM of years past, but with an added twist on the graphic. They’re now […]

Best Backyard Ice Rink Kits

Thinking of building a backyard ice rink? After building these things from scratch for the past 30 something years, I’m convinced buying a kit is the way to go. Now, with the way 2020 went, if lumber prices stay where they’re at, building one yourself won’t actually be any cheaper (as compared to something like […]

Dave Rogalski Hired as New Jersey Devils Goalie Coach

Dave Rogalski, former St. Louis Blues Goalie Development Coach, has been hired by the New Jersey Devils as the teams goalie coach at the NHL level. Known by the athletes he trains as “Roggy” (affectionately pronounced — “Rouge-E”), Dave has long been one of the best kept secrets in not just Minnesota goalie circles, but […]

The Best Custom Goalie Pad Designs of All Time

custom goalie pads and goalie pad design ideas

I remember growing up, I would spend hours thinking of different goalie pads design ideas. Before anybody ever dreamed of designing custom goalie pads over the internet, I was trading cards with my friends for whoever had the best looking gear that year. I spent hours drawing out my dream set of goalie gear day […]

Theragun Wave Roller Review

Myofascial release is one of the main forms of muscle recovery used by elite athletes all over the world. More often than not, foam rollers are used for this practice. We’ve written about the best foam rollers in previous articles, but for the sake of individual coverage, we wanted to highlight each foam roller more […]

The Best Skate Sharpening Edge Checker

A crucial part of sharpening skates is making sure you’re getting the right edge. We’ve used a handful of edge checkers throughout the years and are quite convinced we know a thing or two about the best edge checker for sharpening skates. Before we get further, if you’re in the market for a top quality […]

Best Skate Sharpeners

Without a doubt, one of the most important things a hockey player (yes, even a hockey goalie) is concerned with is the quality of their skates edges. You need to have a skate sharpener that does exactly what it’s supposed to do every single time you use it. But with that being said, what is […]

Best Goalie Neck Guards + Throat Protectors

As a hockey goalie, protecting your neck and throat is one of the most important things you’ll do. Yet, it’s one of the most common areas that we see goalies skip on both. Before we jump into the meat and potatoes of this article, I want to answer a couple quick questions to help clarify […]

Goalie Gear

In this article, we’re talking about the history of goalie gear. We have a separate section of our website dedicated specifically to goalie equipment reviews. We’ll cover things like the history of goalie gear, how goalie gear was manufactured previously (vs how it’s manufactured now), equipment brands, and more. If it has something to do […]

Goalie Toe Ties

Shockingly, one of the best innovations we’ve seen in goalie pads over the past 5 years has been in the toe ties. If you’re not familiar with goalie toe ties, all they are is the toe straps used to attach goalie pads to the goalies skate. We’ve also heard them referred to as toe hooks. […]

Best Street Hockey Goalie Pads

So, you’re interested in finding the best street hockey goalie pads? Welcome. We’re Goalie Coaches. Unapologetically, we are one of the most trusted companies in hockey goalie training. We’ve trained goalies at every level of play, including the National Hockey League. When it comes to overall knowledge of the position of goaltending and everything that […]

Bauer 3S Goalie Pads

With the release of the new Bauer Ultrasonic line, we’re also pleased to announce that the lower end model of the Ultrasonic, the Bauer 3S lineup is now available. Bauer 3S Goalie Pads Should I be looking at the differences between Bauer UltraSonic and Bauer 3S? To sum this up quickly, the Bauer UltraSonic lineup […]

Pro or Senior for Goalie Gear?

What’s the difference in pro vs. senior when it comes to goalie pads? To be short, price, and that’s about it. There are many review websites out there who will tell you to buy Pro level gear whenever you can, and in certain instances, that may be the case. However, as a whole, there isn’t […]

Best Goalie Chest Protectors

A goalies chest protector is one of the most important pieces of equipment on the ice. Today, we’re diving into the best goalie chest protectors for 2021.  I want to quickly mention that myself and the team here at goaliecoaches as we do in every one of our goalie equipment review articles is this, we’re […]

Best Goalie Pants

Goalie pants are one of those pieces of equipment that really aren’t that exciting, but at the same time, they shouldn’t be overlooked. If the pants are too bulky it’s difficult to move in them. If the pants have little protection, you will find yourself flinching at shots.  If the pants break down in a […]

Goalie Equipment List

Becoming a goalie is one of the most exciting journey’s you’ll embark on. You’re playing the single most physically demanding position in sports. At the same time, I can personally assure you that you will not find a position more enjoyable. From the ups of shutouts, to the downs of giving up several goals in […]

Best Hockey Slide Boards

Buying a hockey slide board can add an interesting dimension to your off ice training. In fact, if you’re like the rest of the world, buying synthetic ice may not be the best option for you. Maybe it’s budget, maybe it’s space. A slide board can help solve all of that. I think it’s important […]

Best Synthetic Ice

Looking to take your backyard ice rink to the next level during the off season? Synthetic ice can help you do exactly that. Or, maybe you’re looking to build a basement ice rink using synthetic ice. One of the biggest downsides to synthetic ice is, it’s nowhere close to the real thing. Before we talk […]

Resources for Goalie Parents

So, you’re a goalie parent. Welcome to the club! We believe that there are two turning points when you have children. First, when they’re born. Second, when they decide to become a goalie. Everything you need to know about being a great goalie parent If there is a single piece of advice we can give you […]

Goalie Nutrition

It’s no secret that goalie nutrition is a critical component of the modern game. Goalies can give themselves a sustainable leg up on the competition by participating in nutrition training, building a nutrition plan, or just generally watching what you eat. Building a plan for yourself is the first step in any proper nutrition program. […]

Simple Positioning Drill [VIDEO]

This is a drill designed to work on one very simple thing. Making sure that when the goalie squares up, he / she is squaring up to the puck and not the shooters body. So many young goalies make the mistake of squaring up to the shooters body, thus aligning themselves out of position. Join […]

The Butterfly in Goaltending

The butterfly. This one word is responsible for everything in goaltending past the early 2000s. And we do mean, everything. From the goalie training methods, to goalie gear designs and the game as we know it today. What is the butterfly?  The butterfly is a term used to describe a position hockey goalies use when […]

Goalie Pad Sizing + How To Measure Goalie Pads

How do you measure goalie pads sizing? What does ATK mean? What does the +1 on gear mean? Will my goalie grow into pads, or should I buy the right size right now? These are the questions every goalie parent asks themselves over the course of their goalies career. Goalie pad sizing is one of […]

Warrior Goalie Gear in the NHL

Do any NHL goalies wear Warrior goalie gear? Why isn’t Warrior goalie gear worn in the NHL? These are valid questions that we get asked on a regular basis. Warrior Goalie equipment has been used in the NHL in the past. It’s not the fact that the gear isn’t good enough to be worn in the […]

Warrior Goalie RM1 Stick Review + Everything We Know

Warrior is arguably the top goalie stick brand on the market.  Most of the NHLers are using them and for good reasons (we’ll get to why). With every new year passing and new goalie equipment coming onto the market, we also get to look at new goalie sticks. So recently, we purchased the newest goalie […]

Paint Job

Hey goalies, goalie parents, and coaches! We’re pretty excited to be doing another mask paint job giveaway. If you’re reading this page and there’s nothing saying the contest has closed.. feel free to submit your artwork! As a cool bonus for the winner of this contest, the winner’s mask is going to be featured in […]

How To Break In A Hockey Goalie Glove

Breaking in your goalie glove should be your first priority when you get new gear. In fact, for many goalies, the glove determines the entire set of goalie pads they end up choosing. Here are all the ways to break in a hockey goalie glove.  Keeps33 Method String and Softball Method Sauna Method Running Water […]

How To Clean Hockey Gear

How do I clean hockey gear? What’s the best way to clean my goalie equipment? There’s nothing worse than the musty, rotten smell of dirty hockey gear. On top of that, it won’t just smell up your car, it’s actually unhealthy. Dirty hockey equipment is a breeding ground for bacterias that are harmful to the […]

Best Foam Rollers for Athletes

If you’re a goalie and you haven’t yet invested in a foam roller.. you probably wouldn’t be reading this. Foam rolling is a critical component of proper muscle recovery (myofascial release) and each and every one of you should be adding one of these pieces to your gear bag. Every elite athlete should own a […]

Hip Stretches

Hip stretches. One of the easiest way to improve your hip mobility is by hip stretching. Your hips are critical to every day life, whether you’re a goalie, an adult, or a senior. At every stage of our lives, we need our hips to perform. Here is one of the better hip stretching and overall […]

10 Day Off Ice Program

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3 Shot Post Integration Drill [VIDEO]

This drill has a number of different moving parts, so it’s important to ensure that you’re working with a goalie who can handle every aspect. If you’re working with a younger goalie, it makes no sense to have them add on parts 2 and 3 before they’ve mastered the first part. One big mistake I […]

Lateral Release Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

This is a super simply lateral release drill for goalies of any age. A lot of folks like to bash the term “lateral release”, assuming it’s a buzzword used by goalie coaches. It’s not just a buzzword. The lateral release is a skating technique used by elite goaltenders at every level to simply NOT overslide […]

Quick Feet Drill for Goalies [VIDEO]

Goalies need to practice constantly, or they face the possibility of falling behind their competition. I like this as a quick feet drill with a handful of different variations. I like this drill as a warmup or at the end of practice when the legs are gassed and the ice is shredded. Join our Drills […]

Lefevre Pads Sliding Capability [VIDEO]

The new Lefevre pads have been making a huge splash in the market recently, here’s an up close clip of how they utilize a minimal foot strapping system to allow more integration with the ice from skate blade to contact. Very innovative, more manufacturers are likely to follow suit. Join our Drills Vault and Get […]

Mindset in Times Like These

There is so much opportunity today. I woke up this morning with an unbelievable amount of excitement. I woke up knowing that I can control how I approach today, tomorrow, the week, and rest of the year. You woke up this morning with the opportunity to change how you spend the rest of your life. […]

Puck Handling Drills Along Boards [VIDEO]

We’re big fans of using down time or breaks between drills as an opportunity to work on puck handling skills. Integrating the boards into your drill is an awesome practice to get into simply because you’re taking a boring drill and making it “game scenario” style. I love that about this drill. You can literally […]

Demonstrating Movement + Body Control [VIDEO]

This clip is just demonstrating some high end movement and body control skills. One of the things that a ton of goalies forget and overlook is learning to move with complete control of your body. This is Mackenzie Blackwood, goaltender for the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. Join our Drills Vault and Get Access […]

These Are The Best Goalie Skates Money Can Buy

Goalie Skates. Besides your helmet, we argue that the goalie skates you chose are the single most important piece of equipment you’ll ever buy. If you can’t skate, you’ll have a tough time getting in front of pucks. If you have a tough time getting in front of pucks, your odds of making the save […]

The Best Youth Goalie Sticks For The Money

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how to choose the best youth goalie sticks for your young goalie. Youth goalie equipment is one of the hardest things for new goalie parents to choose, so our goal with these guides is to make the process as painless and simple as possible. We’ll […]

The Best Youth Goalie Pads For Any Budget

So you’ve got a new goalie, hey? Exciting! In this deep dive, we’re going to do a comprehensive look at youth goalie pads. They’re the one piece of gear where you can get away with a true entry level pad that won’t break your bank account. These are the best youth goalie pads for your buck […]

These are the Best Hockey Goalie Gloves Money Can Buy

For a hockey goalie, the glove is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll buy. There’s a number of things to consider before buying a new goalie glove, and we’ll take you through all of them. These are the best goalie gloves, or should we say, best hockey goalie gloves on the market […]

Best Goalie Sticks

The goalie stick market has been one of the most disrupted in recent years. Just 5 years ago, foam core sticks were some of the best goalie sticks on the market. In 2021, the goalie stick market is dominated by Warrior, Bauer, and CCM. When it comes to finding a hockey goalie stick that fits […]

Warrior G5 Goalie Pad Review + Everything We Know

Honestly, it can be hard to keep up with Warrior Goalie from time to time. They released a new helmet this spring, a new stick, and now the Warrior G5 goalie pads. When is the Warrior Ritual G5 Release date? The pads are currently available. They released in the Spring of 2020, you can custom […]