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Goalie Gear

In this article, we’re talking about the history of goalie gear. We have a separate section of our website dedicated specifically to goalie equipment reviews. We’ll cover things like the history of goalie gear, how goalie gear was manufactured previously (vs how it’s manufactured now), equipment brands, and more. If it has something to do …

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Goalie Toe Ties

Shockingly, one of the best innovations we’ve seen in goalie pads over the past 5 years has been in the toe ties. If you’re not familiar with goalie toe ties, all they are is the toe straps used to attach goalie pads to the goalies skate. We’ve also heard them referred to as toe hooks. …

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Bauer 3S Goalie Pads

With the release of the new Bauer Ultrasonic line, we’re also pleased to announce that the lower end model of the Ultrasonic, the Bauer 3S lineup is now available. Bauer 3S Goalie Pads Should I be looking at the differences between Bauer UltraSonic and Bauer 3S? To sum this up quickly, the Bauer UltraSonic lineup …

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Goalie Nutrition

It’s no secret that goalie nutrition is a critical component of the modern game. Goalies can give themselves a sustainable leg up on the competition by participating in nutrition training, building a nutrition plan, or just generally watching what you eat. Building a plan for yourself is the first step in any proper nutrition program. …

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Paint Job

Hey goalies, goalie parents, and coaches! We’re pretty excited to be doing another mask paint job giveaway. If you’re reading this page and there’s nothing saying the contest has closed.. feel free to submit your artwork! As a cool bonus for the winner of this contest, the winner’s mask is going to be featured in …

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How To Clean Hockey Gear

How do I clean hockey gear? What’s the best way to clean my goalie equipment? There’s nothing worse than the musty, rotten smell of dirty hockey gear. On top of that, it won’t just smell up your car, it’s actually unhealthy. Dirty hockey equipment is a breeding ground for bacterias that are harmful to the …

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Hip Stretches

Hip stretches. One of the easiest way to improve your hip mobility is by hip stretching. Your hips are critical to every day life, whether you’re a goalie, an adult, or a senior. At every stage of our lives, we need our hips to perform. Here is one of the better hip stretching and overall …

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10 Day Off Ice Program

Coronavirus sucks. Enter your email below and we will send you a 10 day off ice program (advanced + beginner) to get your kids off the xbox. 10 Day Off Ice Program Email Address Website    

Warrior Goalie R F1 Goalie Helmet Review + Everything We Know

Warrior Goalie is entering the goalie helmet market with the Warrior Ritual RF1. They’ve been on fire lately, with the release of the Warrior G5 goalie pad line. Warrior also released the RM1 Pro+ goalie stick. They’ve been dropping product after product this spring, it’s hard to keep up at times. This Warrior RF1 goalie …

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Custom Goalie Pads

We get this question almost every day, what design should I put on my custom goalie pads? So, we thought it would be perfect if we created a custom goalie gear page just for those of you who want ideas on how to design your goalie pads.  

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