What Scouts Look For In Hockey Goalies

So, you’re a goalie and you’re looking to improve your odds of getting to the next level. Call it getting scouted, being recruited, whatever you’d like to call it. Are there certain things that set certain goalies apart from their peers? This article, and list, could be endless. With that in mind, we’ll split it […]

Goalie Skates vs Hockey Skates: What’s The Difference?

Image shows the difference in goalie skates vs hockey skates

There are two main differences in goalie skates as compared to traditional hockey skates. The first difference is in the increased protection offered by goalie skates. The most notable difference in goalie skates vs player skates is that the blade of a goalie skate is longer and thicker than a standard hockey skate. Why Do […]

The Best Youth Goalie Skates for 2022

An image outlining the top 3 youth goalie skate options for kid goalies

While youth goalies can get away with wearing standard hockey skates for their first year or so, at some point, it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of goalie skates. If you’ve got a kid goalie you’re searching for skates for, you’re in luck. Goalie skates for kids are some of the cheaper […]

What Is The Most Important Position In Hockey?

Why being a goalie is the most important position in hockey

Without question, the goaltender is the most important position on a hockey team. Goalies can single-handily win any hockey game by recording what is known as a “Shutout”. A shutout occurs when a goalie does not give up a single goal in a hockey game. A majority of the time, NHL teams that win the […]

What is GSAA for Goalies? Understanding GSAA in hockey

GSAA is a hockey goaltending statistic that stands for “Goals Saved Above Average”. GSAA is a relatively new statistic, but a valuable one used to measure a goalies play as compared to the rest of the goalies in their league. GSAA is hockey’s version of baseball’s “WAR” statistic. In the past decade, statistics have taken […]

How To Train A Hockey Goalie

The complete guide on how to train a hockey goalie

In the world of hockey goalie training, there are many things you can do to prepare for success on the ice. For many goalies, knowing where to start when it comes to their training is half the battle. Since we started Goalie Coaches, we’ve been asked just about every goalie training question you can imagine. […]

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Hockey Goalie

The true cost of being a hockey goalie

In the sport of hockey, the greatest cost of any position is that of the goalie. The cost to outfit a goalie with brand new, top-of-the-line pro-level goalie equipment is around $6,570. Don’t let the sticker price scare you away, on the low end, a goalie outfitted in entry-level gear can buy brand new equipment […]

Hockey Goalie Preparation

One of the biggest differentiators of success between the pipes for goalies is simply how to prepare. There are a few key elements to hockey goalie preparation. On ice training, off-ice training, eating the right food, proper warm-up, and hand-eye coordination. Finding success as a goaltender can be very challenging even for the top athletes […]

How Do Hockey Goalies Improve Hand Eye Coordination

There are many things a goalie can do to improve their hand-eye coordination skills. From off ice hand-eye coordination drills, to setting a pre-game hand-eye coordination routine, overall hand-eye coordination improvement is one of the simplest ways to improve your skillset as a goalie. Elite hand-eye coordination skills in a goaltender are one of the […]

Bauer Mach Goalie Gear Review & Everything We Know

The latest iteration of the Bauer Supreme goalie pads lineup is here. The Bauer Mach goalie pads are the newest lineup of goalie pads from Bauer. The Bauer Mach pads follow the Bauer Ultrasonic goalie pads. We’ve been waiting to get our hands on a set of the Bauer Mach pads for some time and […]

Thatcher Demko Goalie Pads and Gear

Thatcher Demko’s Goalie Gear Modifications Stick Modifications Demko tapes a large knob on the handle of his goalie stick, using hockey tape over the top of the medical tape to create a “finger trigger” which offers better puck control when stick handling. Photo by @doncarlson4524 Glove Modifications Demko uses an upgraded skate lace pocket in […]

Kaapo Kahkonen Goalie Pads and Gear

Kaapo Kahkonen’s Goalie Gear Modifications Kahkonen doesn’t have a ton of visible gear modifications, but like every goalie, he does have a custom paddle grip and knob taped on his goalie stick. Kaapo Kahkonen Goalie Stick Taping Kahkonen goes with the minimal handle taping approach for the paddle grip of his stick. Photo by @doncarlson4524 […]

RVH for Goalies: What Is It And How To Use It

The Reverse VH, or RVH, stands for Reverse Vertical Horizontal. Also commonly referred to as simply, “the reverse”, the RVH is a technique used by goalies to play when near the posts of the net. The RVH has exploded in popularity over the past 6 years in the NHL. What does RVH in goaltending stand […]

How To Tape A Goalie Stick

Taping a goalie stick involves slightly different technique then that used when taping a hockey stick. Goalie sticks use a lot more tape, and they’re most commonly taped in three different places: the blade, the paddle grip, and the knob. Advantages of taping a knob on a goalie stick  There are a few advantages to […]

Braden Holtby Goalie Pads and Gear

Braden Holtby Goalie Gear Modifications Like every other professional goalie, Holtby makes a variety of gear modifications to his gear. Stick Modifications Braden Holtby tapes a giant knob on the top of his stick. The knob is created with multiple tape colors, black on the bottom and a half ripped strip of white tape for […]

Jeremy Swayman Goalie Pads and Gear

Jeremy Swayman’s Goalie Mask Designs Each time Jeremy Swayman updates his goalie helmet paint, we’ll update it below. Jeremy Swayman 2021-2022 Boston Bruins Goalie Helmet Paint Jeremy Swayman wears a Bauer 960 goalie mask, painted by legendary Bauer goalie mask painter, David Gunnarsson. Swayman’s 21-22 mask paint features Bruins logos on each side, with Bear […]

David Rittich Goalie Pads and Gear

David Rittich will spend the 2021-2022 season with the Nashville Predators. He’s shown below wearing a set of custom digitally printed goalie pads, manufactured by CCM. Specifically, the pads are E Flex 5.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Photos By Don Carlson (@doncarlson4524)

Goals Against Average: How To Calculate GAA And What It Is

GAA, or Goals Against Average is one of the 3 most important statistics used to measure how well a goalie is performing. The calculation used to determine GAA is the number of goals allowed multiplied by 60 and dividing this by the number of minutes played ((Goals Allowed x 60)/Minutes Played). GAA is a 3 […]

Save Percentage: What Is It And How Is It Calculated?

Save percentage is one of the two most important statistics a goalie is graded on. The calculation used to determine Save Percentage is to take a total number of saves a goalie made and divide it by the total number of shots a goalie faced (Save Percentage = Saves/(Goals Allowed + Saves). The resulting number […]

Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates Review + Everything We Know

Bauer goalie’s next iteration of the goalie skate, following the 2021 release of the Bauer PRO goalie skate, will be the Bauer Konekt. We’ve started to see several professional goalies wearing the Bauer Konekt goalie skates and Whats the difference in the Bauer Pro goalie skates vs the Bauer Konekt goalie skates? The main difference […]

CCM Axis 2 Goalie Gear Review + Everything We Know

We’ve been getting a ton of questions recently about when the CCM Axis 2 Goalie Gear line will release. The CCM Axis 2 goalie gear line is the latest (as of 2022) line of gear from goalie gear manufacturer, CCM. It follows the 2021 release of the CCM E Flex 5 line. Out of the […]

Warrior G6 Goalie Pad Review: Everything We Know

The Warrior G6 Goalie Pad lineup will be the latest goalie equipment iteration from the company we can probably safely call “legendary” in the goalie gear manufacturing space, Warrior. The Warrior G6 goalie pads come a little over a year after the release of the Warrior G5 lineup, a set of pads that didn’t receive […]

What Are The Levels of Youth Hockey in USA and Canada?

Unlike Junior Hockey, where there are multiple different leagues and varying levels of play, Youth Hockey in North America is relatively straightforward. Youth Hockey, generally referred to as association hockey, is organized by age. In Canada, Youth Hockey is referred to as Minor Hockey. While USA Hockey changed how they identify levels of youth hockey […]

Sense Arena Review

Matt Villalta of the Los Angeles Kings using Sense Arena for Virtual Reality Goalie Training

The Sense Arena, one of the worlds first virtual reality training systems for goalies, has taken the goaltending world by storm. In the sport of goaltending, there have been few improvements in technology and style of play that have the potential to change the way goalies play the game forever. Virtual Reality Goalie Training is […]