Andrew Hammond’s Bauer 2S Gear for 2018/2019 NHL Season

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Andrew Hammond was recently signed by the Minnesota Wild and should compete for the backup position during the 18/19 NHL season.

He wasted no time grabbing headlines for goalies, opting to poll users on Twitter in regards to the gear he should wear this year.

On July 5th, Hammond posted a photo to Twitter with 4 different color options for his gear. The Wild wear a dark green sweater for their home games, and white / green for away.

It didn’t take long for Twitter followers to decide which setup they liked best. Did we give it away with the Wild’s home / away color options? An all red setup would’ve been too much.

Hammond will wear a

Hammond then goes on to ask what his mask should look like, but no worries, it looks like his wife has it covered!

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