Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates Review + Everything We Know

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Bauer goalie’s next iteration of the goalie skate, following the 2021 release of the Bauer PRO goalie skate, will be the Bauer Konekt. We’ve started to see several professional goalies wearing the Bauer Konekt goalie skates and

Whats the difference in the Bauer Pro goalie skates vs the Bauer Konekt goalie skates?

The main difference in the Bauer Konekt goalie skates is the buckle system these new skates are designed with. The biggest advantage of a skate using buckles is demonstrated in the words of pro goalies we’ve spoken with using these skates. The buckles on the Bauer Konekt goalie skate allow a goalie to get the exact same skate tightness each time they step foot on the ice.

What do the Bauer Konekt goalie skates look like?

The Bauer Konekt goalie skates feature a design unlike anything ever seen before in the goalie skate industry, due to the design of the way they are tied. Bauer Konekt goalie skates use a buckle system, instead of laces, to tighten the skate. This allows the goalie to get a skate that is tied the exact same way, each and every time they step foot on the ice.

According to AHL goalie Francois Brassard, the Bauer Konekt skates are built in such a way that they improve the attack angle a goalie is able to get with their skate, especially when pushing from the butterfly position.

Currently, the Bauer Konekt goalie skates are not available to the public. The closest skate would be the Bauer Pro, which were released in 2021.

We’ve been testing the Bauer Pro for 3+ months and despite the crack in the toe, we still feel these are an excellent skate option that the Bauer Konekt will likely be built off of going into the 2022 gear release season.

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Bauer Konekt Goalie Skate Overview

Best skates I’ve ever worn. Haven’t had any foot pain since I got them in the summer. The extra ankle mobility helps getting a good attack angles when pushing from the bfly. Hinges, buckles and boot are bullet proof and having your skate on buckles makes the tightness feel the exact same every day. Pads are intact. Truly changing the game. (Also throwing them on and off takes about 2 seconds).”

This testimonial of the new Bauer Konekt goalie skates is from pro goalie François Brassard. Brassard currently skates with the Hartford Wolfpack in the New York Rangers organization, of the AHL.

The Bauer Konekt Goalie Skate line changes everything in the goalie skate technology game. First and foremost, the removal of laces. Time will tell whether or not this is something that will be adopted by goalies at the games highest level, but early indications are that it will.

Improved Material Throughout Boot Design

One of the first things (aside from the removal of laces) that you’ll notice on the new Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates is the material with which they’re built throughout the boot. Bauer is using a completely redesigned boot, intended to reduce the overall weight of the skate itself, making it one of the lightest goalie skates on the market.

Photo unboxing the Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates

Photo by @andrewlucarino.

Specially Designed Boot Flex Option

On the side of the skates, you’ll notice small writing that notes the boot flex on the skates themselves. This is designed to allow goalies to pick their ideal flex, for more forward-facing or reduced flex forward while playing. While it’s not as major as removing the laces themselves, this is designed to allow goalies the ability to customize the flex on their skates, moving closer than ever before to a true “perfect fit”.

Photo showing our team trying on and wearing the Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates for the first time

Photo by @peckaalcen

Removable Toe and Zero Laces with new Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates

One of the most interesting things to note about the new Bauer Konekt goalie skates is the removable boot. Obviously, the removal of laces on the entire skate is a game changer for goalies. The removable boot is something that has never been done before in terms of goalie skate technology. This allows the goalie to put the boot on prior to fitting the skate, allowing for a comfortable fit throughout the entire skating session. Of course, when the skate is done, the goalie can remove the boot to dry the skate more quickly than with a boot that is inside the skate.

A potential downside to this is wear and tear on the boot itself. The removable boot material doesn’t appear to be that durable, as compared to a skate with a boot built right into the skate itself. This will likely prove to be a problem down the road, as each time the boot is removed it increases wear and tear from sliding into and out of the skate itself.

Photo showing us holding the Bauer Removable Boot on Bauer Konekt Goalie Skates

Photo by @proformgoalie