Bauer Mach Goalie Gear Review & Everything We Know

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The latest iteration of the Bauer Supreme goalie pads lineup is here. The Bauer Mach goalie pads are the newest lineup of goalie pads from Bauer. The Bauer Mach pads follow the Bauer Ultrasonic goalie pads.

We’ve been waiting to get our hands on a set of the Bauer Mach pads for some time and recently acquired a demo set for our on ice testing.

Bauer Mach Goalie Pads

The Bauer Mach goalie pads are the latest iteration of the Bauer Supreme lineup. Used by a number of current NHL goalies, these are one of the most customizable pad offerings created by Bauer to date.

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Bauer Mach Goalie Pads On Ice Testing

Customizing The Bauer Mach Goalie Pads

By far one of the best features of the new Bauer Mach lineup is how many customizable colorways are on the new gear. Bauer has consistently trailed other major manufacturers, like Brian’s, in just how customizable their gear actually is. With the new Bauer Mach pads, Bauer is offering one of their most customizable sets of gear, ever. Outside of digitally printed goalie pads, where the design is only limited to your imagination, Bauer has traditionally had limited color way offerings.

Not the case with the Bauer Mach. The photo below shows just how customizable these pads really are (every different colorway is highlighted). You can even change the color of the logos on each set of the pads. Yes, that means you can go with a different color logo on the pads themselves, the glove, and the blocker.

The Bauer Mach lineup is in use by a number of current NHL goalies, most notably Jake Oettinger, Daniel Vladar, and Cam Talbot.

Bauer Mach Goalie Pads In Action

If you haven’t been following goalie talk recently, the Bauer Mach may surprise a few of you. The previous version of the Bauer Supreme lineup was the Ultrasonic pads. Here’s what we know so far.

The pads have been in action at the NHL level for most of the 2021-22 NHL season.


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Another custom set of Bauer Mach goalie pads, worn at the NCAA D1 level.


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