Bauer NME VTX Helmet Review: Everything We Know

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Bauer runs two lines of goalie masks. The first, their classic “Profile” style goalie helmet (Bauer 960, 950, etc).

The second line is the Bauer NME mask. The Bauer NME VTX mask is a popular option for NHL goalies, some big names wearing them include Devan Dubnyk and Fredrik Andersen.

We’re taking a deep dive as we do a Bauer NME VTX mask review. Our team has been testing this mask with one goalie in particular for over a year now, with zero issues.

We will dive more into that below, however, the TL: DR version is this.

If you’re a goalie looking for a wider profile mask, the Bauer NME VTX will not let you down. In our minds, this mask is the most advanced goalie helmet on the market today (right up there with the Bauer 960).

The Bauer NME VTX is worth every penny for the pro-level protection it affords.


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Bauer NME VTX Review

The team at Goalie Coaches has been testing the NME VTX mask for over a year now, and we absolutely love it. The mask is incredibly comfortable, it’s super light, and the protection is next to none. This mask stacks up very well next to the Bauer 960 XPM series.

As a matter of fact, this mask is the #1 recommended goalie mask from the team at Goalie Coaches.Β 

The NME VTX helmet is designed for goalies with a wider face profile, where as the comparable 960/961 series is for goalies with a thinner face.

Another major difference that Bauer has been testing with the NME VTX helmet is the backplate and it’s flexibility. The backplate on the VTX helmet actually flexes and bends. It’s competitor, the 960 line, does not.

Is the Bauer NME VTX Worth It?

We’ve been working on a review of the best goalie masks for the money for several years now, updating it with each years latest masks. In our humble opinion, the NME VTX mask is one of the most technologically advanced masks on the market today.

The price is on the higher end for goalie masks, which is why we recommend it for early high school aged goalies and above. When you start to play at a higher level, taking harder shots can add up and it only takes one to derail a career.

Invest in a quality helmet that fits you the best. Do not purchase a helmet due to it’s looks. If you like the 960 look better, but the NME fits you better, get the NME.

The most important thing to remember when choosing a goalie helmet is how it fits. If the mask fits, it will be easier for it to do it’s job.

Bauer NME VTX vs 960XPM

How does the NME VTX compare to the Bauer 960 XPM?Β Both masks offer the same level of superior, pro level protection. The NME VTX is worn by quite a few NHL goalies.

The main difference between these two helmets is this. The NME lineup is designed for goalies with wider faces.

The narrow profile lineup, the 960XPM is designed exactly for that, narrow faces.

If you’re reading this and you’ve got a narrow face or have worn a 960 Profile style goalie helmet in the past, go get one of those.

The new NME from Bauer is an excellent mask, that offers great protection. The mask is super light, and uses INNEGRA technology throughout it’s entirety.

We recommend using a SHAM Sweatband with your mask, rather than the stock sweatband that comes with (SHAM’s come in a two-pack, change them out between periods).

Bauer NME VTX Features

  • Lightweight construction, comfortable (It’s one of the most advanced technological goalie masks there is)
  • Built to withstand pro level shots (used by many goalies at the college and NHL level)
  • Wider crown and face (built for goalies with bigger, wider heads).
  • The NME VTX offers 3 fits, Fit 1 / 2 / and 3.
  • It uses industry leading lightweight VTX technology with Poron XRD foam and advanced molded foam (it’s the most innovative liner to date from Bauer, and in goalie masks)
  • Mask uses TeXtreme composite technology, a manufacturing process that only Bauer uses to create strong material without adding the extra weight
  • Designed to be the lightest goalie mask there is
  • It features a stainless steel flat bar certified wire mask with reinforced post grooves so that it stays in place
  • The mask uses a similar harness as the 960 series