Box Control in Goaltending (Videos)

Earlier this year, I had posted an article (on our old website, old design) — called “The Complete Guide to Box Control“. It was originally written by Justin Goldman of The Goalie Guild, but I thought we would post an updated version.  

As far as box control is concerned, the concept is pretty simple. The net a goalie plays in is a “box”, right?

And if you draw a line from all four corners of the net to the puck, it forms a pyramid.

“Box control” comes in to play when the goalie takes his position between the puck and the net. Or, just being on your angle.

So, imagine that wherever the goalie takes his place between the net and the puck–we’ll connect all four lines of our pyramid to make a much smaller box.

Starting to make sense?

Box control: A simple concept that pays to study..

Obviously, if your angles are off–you’re going to get scored on. However, it is incredibly important to know where you’re at inside this small box. We wouldn’t want to make overly dramatic movements if we didn’t have to, correct?

Learn to be efficient with your movements, doing what is necessary to make a save while at the same time keeping yourself in position to make the next save should there be a rebound.

Here are a few great video examples from YouTube that demonstrate the concept well.

And probably one of my favorite videos on the topic.


Regardless of how you train, where you train, or when you train, it’s important to understand these little concepts that can make a big difference in your game.

Is one new fangled thing going to get you to the NHL?

Absolutely not.

However, half the battle is knowing how to learn and wanting to do so. If you can do that, you’ll be successful not only in goaltending but in life.

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