CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skates Review

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I know what you’re thinking. Another goalie skate? I just bought a new pair of goalie skates! We’re doing a CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skates review today, this skate is no slouch.  It’s no secret that CCM has emerged as a dominant player in the goalie skate market in recent years. Sure, CCM has always been known as one of the premier goalie equipment manufacturers, but until recently they’d played second fiddle to the likes of Bauer and True in the “modern, one piece goalie skate” department.

CCM has managed to produce gear and equipment items that are cutting-edge in the sport and many of their most highly-rated products are especially popular with professional hockey players, as well as up and coming amateur / semi pro and beginner goalies.

The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate is an exceptionally well-made product that brings some exciting new design elements to the table which are aimed at giving goalies a much greater advantage on the ice. These skates are made for quick, decisive movements and incredible stability that amounts to letting players make split-second movements to block the puck and serve as an asset to any hockey organization.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the new and exciting features that CCM has included in their newest Super Tacks AS3 Goalie Skates and also discuss the ways that these skates can help players reach their highest potential on the ice.

Here’s how the CCM AS3 Super Tacks goalie skates rated.

Rating Categories CCM SuperTacks AS3 Pro
Comfort 10/10
Protection 9/10
Attack Angle 10/10
Break In Time 8/10
Longevity 9/10
Versatility (for Different Foot Types) 9/10
Breathability 8/10
Price 7/10
Final Skate Rating 70/80

Here are all of the goalie skates in the CCM Super Tacks line, ranked from best performance to most affordable. 

  • CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro
  • CCM Super Tacks 9380
  • CCM Super Tacks 9370

We polled our (over 125,000) goalies, the CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skate is one of the best goalie skates on the market this year.

CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate Review: Worth the money?

These skates were officially released in 2020 and hit the market as a hot commodity which goalies across the world were eager to get their hands on. CCM created their first type of goalie skates that lacked the typical cowling protective covering a few years ago when they released the Jetspeed FT2. Since then, many goalies have chosen to experiment with a cowling-less skate as it undoubtedly gives them better overall mobility and a higher level of direct energy transfer from their feet to the ice.

The CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate is a new and improved version of the company’s vision to create goalie skates that are made to help players up their game across the board. These new skates are made with a one-piece boot concept which provides much better overall traction on the ice, as well as a greater amount of mobility and control for goalies. These characteristics are highly valued by goalies as mobility is often considered to be the most important factor in their overall range of skills.

The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skates are made with enhanced stiffness where it counts and they feature new memory foam padding that equals out to a more comfortable feel on the ice and better foot movement for goalies, which is key to stopping the puck in any way necessary. Goalies are tasked with making split-second decisions and are forced to rely on their reflexes in every situation, which means having a pair of skates that increase your ability to maneuver and position yourself to make a stop are extremely valuable.

There are 4 main things that set the CCM Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate apart from it’s competition (and it’s predecessors, for that matter)

  • Single Piece Boot Construction (Expected, in 2021)
  • Improved Boot and Interior Technology
  • Softer, more advanced interior padding
  • Maximum performance skate blades

We’ll take a look at each of these, below.

One-Piece Boot Construction

CCM’s newest line of Super Tacks AS3 skates are all made with a specialized one-piece boot construction which is aimed at giving the player a better overall feel for the ice under their feet and less movement of their foot inside the boot. The one-piece boot design is highly popular among goalies who play at the highest level of the sport as they require their skates to maximize the energy transfer of their feet to the ice. This enhances a goalie’s quickness and effectiveness to a much greater degree than traditional two-piece style boots.

The boot’s overall design also eliminates the need for extra screws and other fastening components that are required to hold a pair of two-piece skates together. Less weight always equals out to faster movement, which is always a plus for goalies at any skill level. The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skate allows players to react quicker and make greater use of their own instinctive reflexes on the ice.

New Material

These skates are aimed at utilizing a new and improved material to give goalies a better, more comfortable fit that is still capable of providing ample protection from painful injuries that can happen when taking a direct hit on the foot. The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skates are made from RocketFrame Composite material that’s more durable and offers a higher level of stiffness throughout the entire boot as opposed to just the area surrounding the foot.

As most hockey players know, stiffer boots usually translate to greater amounts of energy transfer from their feet to the ice, which means athletes have the ability to move faster and perform much more precise movements. This new material is also made to give goalies a better fit when compared to other brands. The RocketFrame Composite material is combined with memory foam padding in just the right areas that creates a skate which ‘hugs’ the foot in a firm, but comfortable style.

Increased Memory Foam Padding

The entire skate is lined with new and improved memory foam padding that is made to give players a better fitting boot that is also lightweight, yet provides the protection goalies require. The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skates’ tongue is fitted with layers of memory foam that closely fits the player’s foot in a way that doesn’t impede their ability to react and move quickly and efficiently. These tongues can be changed out for different styles that might be a better fit for goalies depending on their foot size and other factors.

Better Blades

The Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skates are made with a new cowling-less Speedblade XSG Holder, which offers a new means of swapping out the blades in a quick and easy way. The blades can be removed with a simple turn of a small dial at the heel end of the boot. These newly-designed skates allow goalies to get much lower to the ice and have a more suitable angle of approach than ever before.

CCM AS3 Goalie Skates vs. Bauer UltraSonic?

There are few other options currently on the market that maximize a player’s physical attributes in the same way that the Super Tacks AS3 Pro Goalie Skates are able to. These boots are made to give players a more comfortable, tighter fit from every angle, making them a better choice for goalies that play at all levels of the sport.

As far as the AS3 vs. Bauer UltraSonic, it really comes down to your foot shape and desires out of a skate. Personally, from our research and findings, we’ve saw more performance out of the CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skate. I truly feel that the AS3 is the single best goalie skate on the market at this time, and it’s worth every penny.

CCM AS3 Pro Goalie Skates vs CCM Super Tacks 9380?

This is a tough question. If you’re a high end goalie playing Junior Hockey, or even Elite High School hockey, get the CCM AS3 Pro skates. Sure, they’re a bit more in terms of an investment, but they’re a better skate than the lower model CCM Super Tacks 9380. That’s not to say that 9380 is a bad skate, I just think that for goalies who depend on getting every ounce out of their goalie skate, especially those playing at a high level, they need to be wearing the best. And the CCM AS3 vs the CCM Super Tacks 9380 goalie skate, the AS3 is the best.