CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants Review

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Looking for a pros CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants Review? You’ve come to the right place. If you’re not familiar with Goalie Coaches, we’re the worlds single most trusted brand in goaltending. Each year, we train more professional goalies than any other goaltending brand on the planet. Now, this isn’t to say that we’re better than any other coaches of goalies out there – it’s just that we whole heartedly believe there is nobody more equipped to talk about goalie gear than our staff here at Goalie Coaches.

The CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants are the single best goalie pants on the market this year, without question.

First off, they’re incredibly popular at the NHL level. One of the easiest ways to tell whether or not the goalie gear you’re curious about is any good is looking straight to the games highest level. Of course, that doesn’t immediately mean that your gear is the best for your game, but it’s a great indicator in both the performance and protection of the gear.

CCM Axis Pro Goalie Pants Review

One of the main questions I get about the CCM Axis Pro pants is, are they worth the money? 

They are absolutely worth the money. They’re one of the more mobile pants setups on the market. Combined with the superior, NHL levels of protection and redesigned hip / waist area, the CCM Axis Pro pants are one of the most popular pair of goalie pants available to the public.

Let’s face it, at over $300 on release, these pants are not cheap. The fact of the matter is, CCM put all of their eggs in this basket. When they released the AXIS line, they said, here you go – this is the pair of pants you should buy. They didn’t offer a cheaper model. Or a knock off model. That alone is a testament to the development that went into this lineup.

New features on the CCM Axis Pro Pants

First, the re-designed waist area. The waist was designed with protection and mobility in mind. Cuts at the front of the waist area improve frontal mobility throughout the pants. When dropping into the butterfly, one of the first things we noticed was the lack of pull on the sides of the pants as compared to other models.

Next, the spine and hip zones of the pants. The spine protection area and the padding near the hips was built higher than older models of CCM pants. This was specifically designed to improve fit and increased protection throughout this area. Honestly, the hips of goalie pants are one of the least optimized pair of the pants. On older goalie pants, you’d have a single line of padding in this area. With the speed of the game continuously increasing, the chance that goalies take shots to different areas of the body has dramatically increased.

A comment of the front of the pants for the chest protector tuck. These pants are one of the best pairs of goalie pants when using a tucked chest protector. This is because of the cuts that CCM used at the front of the pants which lift the hip zones around the sides of the chest protector. This means that your chest protector doesn’t push down on your pants like it did in the past with many other pairs of pants.

Increased D30 Protection throughout. CCM has a contract with one of the single best high impact padding technologies in the world, D30. D30 is a high impact padding that absorbs impact better than just about any other type of padding in goalie equipment. Obviously, D30 material isn’t cheap.

CCM added this, as well as molded HD foam reinforcements throughout the front area of the pants, as well as a “squared” hip zone designed to face the shooter.

One thing to note on the hip zone of these pants. In previous designs, a lot of goalie companies would float the hip zone of the pants. They had to, because of the lack of mobility near the waist and belt area. With the cuts CCM added near the front of the pants, this allowed them to secure this zone.

Wait, why does this matter? Well, when you’re dropping into the butterfly, you want padding to stay in the same place. The last thing we want is the chance of a stinger in the butterfly. Think about how many times you take a puck off the thigh boards of your pants? It’s not super often. The highest impact area of your goalie pants is right in the crotch / groin area. This is where we want padding secured and staying in place so it’s wearing most of the impact.

These pants are the single most technologically advanced pair of goalie pants available to the public, and they’re absolutely worth the investment.