CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector Review

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With the recent launch of the CCM E Flex 5 lineup of goalie gear, we finally get a new chest protector from CCM goalie. Today, we’re doing a deep dive CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector Review. This is one of the most mobile, high performance, professional level chest protectors available to goalies today. In fact, after utilizing this chest and arm system, I think it’s safe to say that for the first time..

CCM has built a product that can compete with Vaughn when it comes to goalie chest protectors.

Wait, what? CCM and Vaughn in the same sentence? We are talking about chest protectors, here, right? I didn’t studder. The E Flex 5 chest protector from CCM is one of the most well thought out designs the company has had in recent years, and in my opinion, it’s the best chest protector the company has ever built.

There are a couple of reasons, but the two most obvious are the improved collar bone area, and the mobility features they built in, that actually make this chest protector more like a Vaughn unit than ever before.

Let’s take a look at the latest E Flex Chest System.

CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector Review, better than Vaughn?

Alright alright, I’ll calm down. Sorry, CCM, you’re not going to beat Vaughn’s run here in terms of elite C/A with your first major overhaul. But, for fans of the brand, for the first time, CCM has built a product that is at the very top of the market in terms of protection and performance.

Here’s why the CCM E Flex 5 Chest Protector might be better than Vaughn’s current offering.

  1. Redesigned collarbone area with added D3o protection.
  2. Flex fit design for improved protection and increased mobility

Let’s start with the redesigned collarbone area

There are really just two concerns that you should consider when looking for a chest protector. Alright, there are more, but these are two of the biggest. If you’re going to take a stinger in any area, you’re probably going to take it up high near the neck area. The last thing we want is a goalie taking one in the neck and flinching for the next 6 months.

CCM added D3o foam in this area, for better than ever before impact reduction and overall collarbone protection.

Surprisingly, Vaughn still uses a combo of high density foam and a plastic plate in this area.

For obvious reasons, the collarbone plate of a chest protector is pretty much meant to be re designed.

It’s old, it’s outdated, it’s sort of “not broken so why fix it if it’s not broken”, but it COULD be better.

Well, CCM went out and made it better. They’ve been advertising D3o in this area for awhile, but with the increased size of coverage, this is a huge part of why this chest protector is worth every penny.

Let’s talk about the the Flex Fit Design for improved protection in the hip and waist area

The company added what they’re calling a “Flex Fit Design” for improved protection and mobility in the waist area, and I’ll give them one here. Compared to the Premier Chest system, this is a massive improvement in mobility in this area. And in turn, it’s an improvement for the entire chest protector.

The last major improvement the company made this time around is the double rib cage protection. 

For what it’s worth, I do think this is a major improvement. But it’s being billed as added protection for goalies who love to use the RVH. No! As a goalie coach, we should be teaching our goalies to see pucks from the front. That’s not to say we should skip on protection, especially in an area as critical as the rib cage, however I just think that marketing a product as “improved for the RVH” isn’t the best approach.

Ok, I’ll get off the soap box. The double rib cage protection is an extra layer of protection in the rib area, behind the “flex fit design”. Basically, if you thought that the waist area of this unit looked a little weak, as I first did, you can rest assured that the extra layer of protection is good enough for the professional game, and thus good enough for any goalie.

CCM Premier Chest Protector vs E Flex 5?

Stuck between the CCM Premier chest protector versus the new E Flex 5? I’ll make it easy for you. You should go with the CCM E Flex 5. The biggest reason the new EF5 chest protector is better than the CCM Premier line is not actually in the throat protection, it’s the improved mobility.

The CCM E Flex 5 unit is one of the most mobile chest protectors the company has ever made and it’s why I’m comparing it to Vaughn’s V9 as the 2nd best unit this year. If you’re stuck between the Premier and the E Flex 5, don’t wait, just opt for the advanced and improved E Flex unit.

Is the CCM E Flex 5 chest protector worth it?

This is one of the most advanced chest protectors on the market. The unit is worth every penny and I highly recommend you take a look when considering what chest protector you should go with next.