Collin Delia’s 2019 Chicago Blackhawks Mask

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It’s been awhile since we’ve written a mask feature on our website, but with our recent top goalie masks article, we’re planning on releasing more and more soon.

Collin Delia is one of our favorite up and coming goalies in the AHL / NHL. While still in college at Merrimack, he was gracious enough to take over our Snapchat account showing a day in the life.

Who painted Collin Delia’s Chicago Blackhawks helmet?

The mask was painted byΒ Michael T. Figueroa of FigsigARTS.


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Collin Delia’s 2019 Chicago Blackhawks Mask

Interestingly enough, in the video below produced by the Rockford Ice Hogs, Delia talks about how he uses a concept he had saw earlier from FigsigARTS. He also mentions later on that he likes his masks to complement the jerseys, not overtake them.

The mask features a new Blackhawks logo on the left side, as well as the old Blackhawks shoulder cap logo. Complete with a Stan Mikita tribute near the chin, the mask combines

Collin also discusses the Minions he goes with on the back, as well as a logo for “Lucas Strong”, a close friend of his back home out east.

What does the blind squirrel with a nut on Collin Delia’s mask mean?

“Even a blind squirrel finds a nut”.

It’s a lighthearted saying that goalies use to describe a save they just made. It can also be used to kiddingly insult another goalie who made a lucky save.

The blind squirrel with a nut on Delia’s mask is more than just a saying, it’s a display of humility that hockey goalies are so prone to display. It shows off a fun side of his personality, a side that still has time to make the game fun.

Photos of Collin Delia’s 2019 NHL Mask


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