Corey Crawford’s 2017 Mask Chicago Blackhawks

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If Corey Crawford’s 2017 Mask indicates anything about his setup, we’ll be seeing another dark set of gear for the Blackhawks goalie.

At first glance, the biggest difference you’ll notice is the matte black paint scheme he chose. Personally, I really like it. Although this mask is relatively similar to his previous masks, the matte paint makes it appear drastically different.

Traditionally, Crawford does not have in close detailing (minus a few different highlights to break up an otherwise completely flat paint scheme) and this year’s mask is no different.

From an overall design perspective, instead of the traditional Native American headset we’ve seen in years past, Crawford’s 2017 mask features feathers coming from both corners. Both sets of feathers give way to a flat Chicago Blackhawks logo in the center of the mask, while simultaneously framing up the alternate logos on each side.

As a fan of most NHL paint jobs, I’m a fan of this one. While I love detail, there’s a lot to be said about a mask like Crawford’s where you can clearly see the design from the second / third row of seats at the United Center (Chicago’s home arena).

Now if we could just see Crawford’s 2017 gear..