Find Goalie Mask Painters

Are you a goalie helmet painter that wants to be listed here? We’ll take the shirt off of your back first, but it’s possible! Visit this page. And no, we won’t actually take the shirt off of your back, unless you actually want to send us something (will always accept free style points).

Our directory of Goalie Mask Painters is something we’ve been hoping to get set up for some time. It’s an opportunity for us to give back to the goaltending community and a chance to showcase some of the best goalie mask painters in the world. A win win for everybody. In addition to this list of painters, we also have some great goalie mask makers — listed on our gear manufacturers directory.

Alright, enough talking here, we hope you can find a goalie mask painter near you!

We've compiled the ultimate list of goalie mask painters, from across North America all the way to Europe. Enjoy.