Goalie Gear Manufacturers

Across North America, across the world, there are tremendous goalie gear manufacturers you may not have heard about. In an effort to better serve the goalie gear nerds of the world, we’ve created a list that includes well known brands in addition to the brands you might not already know.

In some cases, a goalie gear manufacturer may be both an equipment retailer and a gear maker. In that case, you’ll find them listed in both places. For example, you might make goalie helmets and sell them direct to consumer.


  • Brian’s / Goalies Only (view profile)
  • CCM Goalie (view profile)
  • Bauer Goalie (view profile)
  • Vaughn Goalie (view profile)
  • Kenesky Goalie (view profile)
  • Boddam Goalie (view profile)
  • Don Simmons (view profile)
  • Brown (view profile)
  • Maltese Sports (view profile)
  • Defender Goalie Masks (view profile)
  • OTNY Goalie Masks (view profile)
  • Sportmask Goalie Masks (view profile)
  • Warwick Mask Company (view profile)
  • Masked Marvel Goalie Masks (view profile)

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Hand Eye Coordination Goalie Drill

This is a great hand eye goalie drill made famous by our friends at True Focus Vision in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. In the video below, reshared from Goalies Inc Jim, you can see the goalie coach behind the net tossing a ball at a slanted surface in front of the goalie. This is […]

2 Shot RVH Transition Drill

This is a two shot drill that forces goalies to move both laterally across the top of their crease, as well as from post to post in the RVH (reverse vertical horizontal) position. As with any drill, this drill can have a multitude of variations. If you’re looking for more drills like this that we […]

Andrei Vasilevskiy’s New Bauer 2X Gear

It’s happening. Juusi Saros switches to all yellow gear. Then, Casey DeSmith. Andrei Vasilevskiy was spotted wearing a dark blue set of Bauer’s new 2X line. Vasilevskiy went from a white based Bauer 2X set pictured below.   View this post on Instagram   A post shared by Andrei Vasilevskiy (@andreivasilevskiy88) on Jan 27, 2019 […]