The Best Goalie Bags Money Can Buy

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So you’re interested in buying a new goalie bag? Of all the goalie equipment a person can buy, picking out a new bag is probably the least exciting. In this article, we’re going to be talking about adult goalie bags, as well as youth goalie bags.

Growing up, I, like many others (I’m sure) remember stuffing my goalie pads into whatever bag my parents could afford. Most of the time, it was a bag far to small for the bulky goalie gear. Bags designed specifically for goalies didn’t become popular until recently, within the past 10 years.

While you can use a regular sized hockey bag for your goalie equipment, most goalies prefer to use a goalie specific bag. Goalie bags are far bigger than your standard player equipment sized hockey bag.

In the category of bags for goalies, there are really two things to consider. Bags with wheels and those without. In this guide, we’re going to take a look at both wheeled goalie bags and carry bags.

How we ranked each goalie bag on our list. When we first developed the rating system we use for bags, we polled our audience of over 125,000 goalies on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. According to our audience, the three most important factors when picking a new goalie bag are durability, price, and carrying capacity. For each bag on our “best of” guide, we purchased the bags and tested them for several months. Each year, we repeat the process.

These are the best goalie bags on the market. 

Evaluating The Best Goalie Bags On The Market

This year, the top all around goalie bag is the Warrior XL. Of 30 available points, it scored the highest at 27 total points. Most goalie bags cost between $80-$160, so at around $100 depending on when you buy, it’s priced right in the middle. Still, a hundred dollars for a bag to carry your gear just feels steep.

ProductDurabilityPriceCarrying CapacityTotal Score
Warrior XL Goalie Bag8/109/1010/1027/30

Warrior XL Goalie Bag

How the Warrior XL Goalie Bag scored on our ratings chart. 

  • Durability – 8/10. If there’s one downside, it’s the durability of this bag. While it’s still one of the most durable bags on the market, we did discover minor tearing after a season of use (around side straps).
  • Price – 9/10. Docked a point for pricing. This is a basic bag and it should be priced as such. Used by professional teams, Warrior is free to price it aggressively and at $100, they’ve done exactly that.
  • Carrying Capacity – 10/10. The Warrior XL bag has the most carrying capacity of any bag on the market today.
Warrior XL Goalie Bag

The Warrior XL Goalie Bag is exactly what goalies want. The biggest, most durable, goalie bag on the market. Enough said.

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If you’re looking for goalie bags with wheels, this is the best choice.