Goalie Equipment Retailers

Let’s be honest. Finding goalie gear can be challenging. This is a growing list of some of the top goalie gear retailers in the world. We’re also building a list of some of the top goalie gear manufacturers (including the ones you haven’t heard about). These are retailers that have been vetted in some way/shape or form and can be trusted.

If you’re new to the position, or purchasing goalie gear for the first time — take a look around and compare websites. If a certain site keeps coming up, there’s probably a reason for it. Or, ask around in our goalie Facebook group.

  • Goalie Monkey (view profile)
  • Hockey Giant (view profile)
  • Total Goalie by Pure Hockey (view profile)
  • Ice Warehouse (view profile)
  • Goalies Plus (view profile)
  • Goalie King (view profile)
  • Goalcrease (view profile)
  • ProStockHockey (view profile)
  • Sideline Swap (view profile)
  • The Hockey Shop (view profile)

So, what’s Goalie Coaches?

The Goalie Coaches brand is more than just that, it’s a constantly growing community of goalies who are obsessed with everything to do with goaltending.

We started this community to give back and to help goalies in the world who may not have a coach. Our community lies on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro Goalie Stick Review + Release

Last year, just about this time, Warrior broke the goalie internet with the release of their Warrior Ritual CR1 goalie stick. This time, it’s the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro (we think). Nobody has actually confirmed the name, but in a few posts from our friend The Goalie Gear Nerd, you can clearly see the branding […]

“X” Edgework Skating Drill for Goalies

In this weeks installment of the Bauer Development Series, we’re working on a challenging X pattern edgework drill designed to give you a different pattern to work those edges. This drill should be performed with both feet, through one or two times. Want unlimited monthly drills for $15 per month?

What is GSAA for Goalies? Understanding GSAA in hockey

What is GSAA? GSAA is a hockey goaltending statistic that stands for “Goals Saved Above Average”. In the past decade, statistics have taken a much deeper dive than ever before. Not just in hockey, but with sports like Baseball and the “WAR” statistic. Goals Saved Above Average is calculated by the league’s average save percentage […]