Goalie Pad Sizing

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Goalie pad sizing is one of the hardest things to do without actually trying the gear on in person. Luckily, with the advancements in technology today, sizing goalie pads is easier than ever. In fact, you should be able to get your correct pad size without ever stepping into a store!

Goalie Pad Sizing Guide

In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find the correct size goalie pads you need for every major brand on the market. First, let’s jump into a few questions.

What does the +1 mean on goalie pads?

The plus 1 (+1) sizing system for goalie leg pads means that an extra inch is added to the top of the pad, in the thigh area. Most goalie pads today are automatically +1 sizing, so you’ll see a number +1. For example, 33+1. Means 33 inches, plus 1 inch on the top. Pads can also be +1.5 or +2, but they’re custom ordered.

How should goalie pads fit?

The most important thing with fitting goalie pads is where your knee sits on the knee block when you go into the butterfly position. Goalie pad fit is determined using a standard measurement called ATK, or ankle to knee.

What is ATK goalie pad sizing? 

ATK stands for ankle to knee. The ankle to knee measurement is the standard measurement used to determine the correct size of goalie pads you should wear.

How do you find your ATK for goalie pads?

To find your ankle to knee measurement, use a tape measure to get the distance from the center of your ankle bone to the center of the knee cap. You should stand with your legs shoulder width apart and in a comfortable position. Then, take the measurement on the outside of your leg.

Are goalie pads too big?

Goalie pads are too big only if you cannot move in them! You should be able to enter and exit the butterfly position

Goalie pad sizing by height is the most challenging way to size goalie pads. So, we’re not going to cover it super extensively, however, here are some recommendations.

What size goalie pads should somebody who is 5’9 wear?

We recommend nothing less than a 32+1 sized pad. You’ll feel comfortable in a 33+1 Brian’s, a 32+1 CCM, a size XS Bauer pad, and a 32-34+1 Warrior.

What size goalie pads should somebody who is 6 feet tall wear?

We recommend nothing less than a 34+1 sized pad. You’ll be the most comfortable in a 35+1 or a 36+1. Some folks who get used to a larger pad at a young age like to go as high as a 37+1 sized leg pad. Keep in mind, that 37+1 is on the very large end of goalie pad sizes.

Warrior Goalie Pad Size Chart

Warrior uses the standard +1 sizing system used by all other brands except Bauer.

Brian’s Goalie Pad Size Chart

CCM Goalie Pad Size Chart

Bauer Goalie Pad Size Chart

Bauer is by far the most challenging gear brand to figure out your correct size. Bauer will tell you this is to make finding your pad size easier, but it’s actually a bit more challenging. Don’t worry, chances are, if you fit into a 33+1, you’ll fit into a 32+1.

Why does Bauer size their goalie pads using letters?

This is because of the fact that Bauer wanted to streamline their costs. If they can manufacture a lower number of models, they can limit costs and options. This, in turn, saves them on manufacturing costs because they’re producing less SKUs.

Vaughn Goalie Pad Size Chart

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