Goalie Stick Sizing Guide

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Before you go out and buy a new goalie stick, you’ve got to find the right size goalie stick. The most common ranges for goalie stick sizes are in the 22″ to 25″ range.

How are goalie sticks sized?

Goalie sticks are sized off a number that ranges from 14″ to 36″ and anywhere in between. There are two factors to keep in mind when finding the right sized goalie stick, both paddle size and the size category.

Wait, size category? Yes. Goalie sticks come in one of four possible size categories, with further classification by paddle height.

  •  Youth
  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior

Typically, goalies will move into a Senior level goalie stick by the time they get to High School. With that said, Intermediate goalie sticks are lighter than Senior sticks (and, Intermediate is almost always cheaper than Senior), so choosing an intermediate might not be the worst decision for you.

One of the most common mistakes most goalies make when sizing goalie gear? When it comes to goalie sticks, they buy the sticks with a paddle length that is far to long.

Devan Dubnyk, a well known NHL goalie, is 6’6″ tall and uses a paddle length of 25″.

How to size a goalie stick

Sizing a goalie stick is actually one of the easiest pieces of goalie gear to find the size for. You can pick a size based on both height and age, but height is by far the most important. Age comes into play when we consider the weight of a goalie stick. Some of the lightest goalie sticks on the market can be used by younger goalies, but it makes more sense to buy a stick that fits your age bracket as well.

We use this goalie stick sizing chart when determining the best size goalie stick for a goalie based on age. 

Remember, when buying a new goalie stick, you will need to determine both the Size and the Paddle Length. For example, “I ordered a Senior, 25″ goalie stick”.

Size of Goalie Stick Paddle Length Goalie Height Goalie Age
Youth 18″ 3.5′
2 years – 6 years
Youth 19″ 3.5′ to 3’8″
2 years – 6 years
Youth 20″ Up to 4’2″
2 years – 6 years
Junior 21″ 4′ to 4’4″
7 years – 8 years
Junior 22″ 4’4″‘ to 4’6″
7 years – 8 years
Junior 23″ 4’6″ to 4’9″
7 years – 8 years
Intermediate 23″-23.5″ 4’6″ to 5’3″
9 years – 14 years
Intermediate 24″-24.5″ 5’3″ to 5’4″
9 years – 14 years
Senior 24″ Under 5’10” 14 years +
Senior 24.5″ 5’10” to 6’+ 14 years +
Senior 25″+ 6’2″ and up 14 years +