Hip Stretches

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Hip stretches. One of the easiest way to improve your hip mobility is by hip stretching. Your hips are critical to every day life, whether you’re a goalie, an adult, or a senior. At every stage of our lives, we need our hips to perform.

Here is one of the better hip stretching and overall mobility workout videos for not only goalies, but folks of any age. Listen to what Dillon Kelley (@dkthemobilityguy) has to say.

What are some good hip stretches?

There are literally thousands of hip stretches variations. Let’s not reinvent the wheel here, keep it basic and remember to work on your overall mobility at the same time.

Here are a couple of the better hip stretching routines we’ve found.

We’re constantly updating this article with more hip stretching ideas, make sure you check back in the future for new updates!

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