How To Break In A Goalie Chest Protector

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So you’re looking at buying a new chest protector? Or maybe you’ve already purchased one. Regardless, a concern for many goalies is breaking in a chest protector.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve already purchased your chest protector, don’t worry about breaking it in.

There are three steps to breaking in a goalie chest protector. 

  1. Adjust straps accordingly
  2. Decide to use with the chest protector tucked into, or over your goalie pants
  3. Wear it

Seriously, that’s it. Of course, if you’re considering buying a new chest and arm unit, you should make sure you size it correctly.

How hard is it to break in a goalie chest protector?

It’s actually as easy as it sounds. Breaking in a chest protector is as easy as wearing it on the ice. Wear it during practice, during games, and within 1-2 weeks the chest protector will play as if you’ve been wearing it for years.

Chest protectors of today are built to certain specs that require them to conform to certain sizing standards as defined by the NHL. This means that when it comes to extra, unnecessary padding that required chest protectors of old to be “broken in”, there isn’t any wasted padding.

Breaking in a chest protector, as compared to breaking in a goalie glove, is by far one of the easiest pieces of equipment to get used to.

Other things we get asked, when it comes to getting more comfortable in your new chest protector.

Can I wash my chest protector in a washing machine?

While goalie equipment is built to withstand a lifetimes worth of pucks, they aren’t built to go through a washing machine. Washing machines by nature are rough on goalie equipment and a chest protector can be cleaned in other ways.

Check out the article cleaning goalie gear for more information on washing a chest protector.

Will washing my chest protector help break it in?

Washing your chest protector will help make the material it’s constructed of softer, but it’s not necessary for breaking in your new gear.

We cannot stress this enough. If you’re looking for a shortcut way to breaking in your chest protector, you won’t find it here. Get out on the ice, use your gear, you’ll be pleased you did!