NHL Goalie Training Videos

For any goalie, watching NHL goalies train is a fascinating experience. Videos from the pros aren’t as common as you might think, so we’ve came up with a list of some of the best NHL goalie training clips we could find. We do not own all of these videos, so please subscribe to the channel by which they were shared.

Finding quality content of NHLers training can be difficult. There are a lot of low quality videos out there and many teams are unwilling (or not interested) in giving fans a behind the scenes of how these goalies train on a day to day basis. We’ll do our best to continue to update this article throughout the year.

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How Do NHL Goalies Train?

Think back to every NHL goalie training video you’ve ever watched. What’s one thing you take away from these videos?

Something that sticks out is the simplicity of a lot of the drills they’re doing. That, and the drills they’re performing have a lot to do with game situations. Take the Charlie Lindgren video to the right, for example.

The drill Lindgren is working through with Montreal Canadiens goalie coach Stephane Waite is a simple drill that forces Lindgren to make a save off a rush. Can you think of a situation in which this would occur during a game?

Forward enters the zone, gets pressured to the corner by a defensemen yet somehow sneaks a shot back in to the slot. While we do not have the video footage to back this specific scenario up, we’re quite confident Lindgren may have given up a goal in this pattern during a recent game. A ton of NHL goalie drills are exactly like this.

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